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McDonald's Malaysia's Lawsuit Against BDS Sparks Backlash

Updated: Jan 6

Writer: Deepalakshmi a/p Manickam

Editor: Nur Fathin Athirah binti Nor Azman

Source: Google

KUALA LUMPUR, 31 DEC - In a controversial move, McDonald's Malaysia has filed a defamation lawsuit against Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Malaysia, an NGO known for its advocacy related to Israeli-Palestinian issues.

McDonald's Malaysia alleges that the NGO's actions have led to a decline in their business. Their decision has sparked public attention and raised concerns about the impact of legal actions on the company's reputation, potentially exacerbating the decline in sales.

In response to McDonald's Malaysia's defamation lawsuit, BDS Malaysia has issued a press statement through their official X account, stating, "We categorically deny this. We have therefore decided to let the court decide on the matter." This statement reflects BDS Malaysia's stance on the allegations and their willingness to address the issue through legal proceedings.

Comments under BDS Malaysia's post on their official X account have expressed

criticism towards McDonald's Malaysia for their legal action. One user, @anishumaira2, commented, "Desperate people making desperate decisions that make things worse. Trust me, their image and reputation will not get better by doing this".

Another comment under the post, made by user @aiwawa_, reads, "@McDMalaysia is digging their own grave deeper and deeper 😃." This comment indicates the user suggesting that the company's actions are further harming its reputation.

User @EN0ENT_ commented, "I haven't been boycotting McDonald's, as it is not explicitly listed in BDS Malaysia's boycott list. If McDonald's proceeds with the suit against BDS Malaysia, I will start boycotting them for real."

In another comment under BDS Malaysia's post, user @KimFederic0 stated, "Ironically for @McDMalaysia, this lawsuit is really giving us a boost of motivation to continue the boycott haha."

On the other hand, user @ALPHAKILO_87 commented, "McD Malaysia chose the path for longer if not forever boycott of McD. Good luck."

User @NuthingMan commented, "Is this true @McDMalaysia? Macam hang minta kena boikot lagi teruk je camni." This comment suggests skepticism towards McDonald's Malaysia's decision and implies that the company's actions might further intensify the ongoing boycott against them.

In summary, public sentiment on social media indicates growing criticism of McDonald's Malaysia's decision to file a defamation lawsuit against BDS Malaysia. Comments from users suggest that this action may further intensify the ongoing boycott against McDonald's Malaysia.

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