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McDonald’s on Its K-Wave Ride

Written by: Low Jie Jane

Edited by: Sharon Tang


KUALA LUMPUR, 22 April - The Fast Food Giant, McDonald’s decided to take a new ride on the K-Wave and collaborate in the upcoming Famous Order Program with the popular K-pop group, BTS.

On the 19th of April, McDonald’s brought joyful news to all K-pop fans especially BTS’s fans around the world through their official social media account. With a simple caption as “Coming This May: The BTS Meal” and a picture of BTS official logo that is arranged by 7 fries which represent the 7 members of the group, McDonald announced the collaboration with BTS.

The announcement from McDonald’s social media immediately brings in the heat among K-pop fans on social media. The meals that included 9 pieces of nuggets, a large coke and large fries with exclusive sweet chili and Cajun dipping sauce were inspired by a recipe from the South Korea unit of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s sales had hit on the rock bottom.

This whole pandemic has brought tragedy to businesses around the world, including the well-known fast-food franchise, McDonald’s. Based on a news report from CNN News, McDonald’s international sales were dragged down by Covid-19 restriction around the world. Business hours are interrupted due to the curfews and movement restriction has made it more clear upon the situation.

The article has shown a conclusion to all of us; McDonald’s sales hit the rock bottom during this pandemic.

Luckily, McDonald’s managed to come out with the Famous Order Program and collaborate with famous artists to attract attention from the market. This program has successfully helped McDonald’s to walk out from the tragedy since ever the program started. For example, many McDonald’s franchises experienced running out of main ingredients to prepare The Cactus Jack meal, which is also known as the collaboration between McDonald’s and Travis Scott.

Who is the real winner?

The collaboration with the worldwide top star group BTS, McDonald’s already successfully dragged the attention from the boy band fanbase, which is also well-known as Army. The announcement of collaboration on Twitter reached 185.7k retweets two days after the announcement was made. From the writer’s opinion, it seems like a win-win situation for both McDonald’s and BTS. This was said so because BTS can widen up their market to the children and McDonald’s are very welcoming the fans to purchase in the franchises.

The BTS meal will start to kick off from 26 May in the USA including countries like Malaysia, Canada and 11 other countries. The meal ‘tour’ will also continue to launch in 38 more countries that are listed on the list.

Fans might not have the chance to see the concert physically anytime soon, but thanks to McDonald’s, fans are able to buy the collaboration meals from the nearest franchise. The writer believes that the meal set that was arranged in the collaboration is the favorite menu of the boys in BTS.

Anyhow, 10 or 9 pieces of nuggets, a large fries and a large Coke seem a bit too little to be the collaboration with the super K-pop group. Yet, it is still too soon to make any discussion about the menu, who knows McDonald’s might step up the game in surprising the fans.

The crowded McDonald’s franchises can be foreseen once the BTS meal is launched in each franchise. How many hours needed for McDonald’s to announce the BTS meal has been sold out? Only time will tell. McDonald’s collabs with BTS, We Lovin’ It!

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