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Mention E-Symposium Held Successfully Amidst Pandemic

By: Arif Zahran

Editor: Saeid Juwanda

BANGI, Dec 28 – Final year students of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)’s Bachelor of Media and Communications program successfully hosted the Mention E-Symposium to fulfill subject requirements through Zoom on the 19th of December.

The Mention E-Symposium: Media Exploration in a Global Pandemic consists of two forum sessions with different themes entitled ‘Peranan Media Sebagai Medium Perantara Kerajaan dan Rakyat’ (The Role of The Media As An Intermediary Between The Government And The People) in the morning session and ‘Adaptability and Management During A Pandemic’ in the afternoon sessions.

The symposium brought together around 200 participants consisting of students, media practitioners, educators, and the general public in discussing the role of the media as an intermediary as well as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the media industry.

The event brought together speakers from various backgrounds in the industry including industry players, educators, and political figures amongst others.

The Mention E-Symposium is the first of its kind to educate and give exposure to not just students, but also educators, industry players and the public on the theme ‘Media Exploration in a Global Pandemic’.

Mention E-Symposium’s Project Director Nur Arisha Aqilah Mahazir said that the theme of the event was chosen due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic towards the media industry.

Arisha told Nadi Bangi that “The theme was chosen because we had to hold the event during this pandemic. We wanted to see the differences between our current norms with how it was pre-pandemic. The two smaller themes were chosen so that we could fulfill the requirements of our subjects.

“The biggest challenge faced by us was the fact that the event had to be held fully online. We had to adapt ourselves to the new norms where we have to socially distance.” she added.

Kionz is one of 4 panelists sharing their thoughts in the afternoon session (Source: Mention E-Symposium Instagram)

One of the speakers at the event, Founder and Executive Producer of MC Square Productions Kionz Chan, stated that he believed the event was a success.

“I think the e-symposium was a success, as the students gained new insights from the event. It was also a refreshing experience since people from across the globe can share their experiences from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

“It was also interesting seeing the interaction between the students and the panelists. I feel like the main takeaway from this event is that we all have to learn how to adapt and change how we approach the industry moving forward.” he told Nadi Bangi in an interview.

When asked about what they got from the event, Najwa Ismet Badjened, a first year Media and Communication student, said that while they were unsure what the event was fully about in the beginning, she had enjoyed the event and learned a lot from the panelists.

“We were fascinated with the content of the morning session’s panelists, who were speakers with experience in the media industry. Not only that, but in the afternoon session we also learned about the media industry from a global perspective.”

Another student, Riennapreet Kaur a/p Arjit Singh, told Nadi Bangi “It was a new experience for me, and I feel grateful that I was able to be a part of a symposium bringing people from all over the globe. Such an opportunity should not be taken for granted.

“I feel like I learned a lot about how it is important to channel your opinions in healthy discussions, rather than lashing out to those who disagree. The morning session was filled with passionate speakers and it was eye opening.

“I also learned the heartbreaking truth that this pandemic has caused a large number of people hardships, and that while life goes on, we can always help and emphatise with those who are less fortunate.” she added.

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