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Mid Valley Megamall Fire Cause Identified and Reopened for Business

Writer: An Ke

Editor: Zhang Yaoyuan

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 May - The cause of the fire at the famous shopping mall, Mid Valley Megamall has been identified and the mall has been reopened for business.

Following the initiation of operations by the fire department, preliminary investigations have revealed that the fire originated in the mall's electrical room and rapidly spread.

(Mid Valley Megamall, Photo by An Ke)

Firefighters exerted their utmost efforts to extinguish the fire and took necessary measures, ultimately gaining full control over the blaze.

(Mid Valley Megamall, Photo by An Ke)

Mid Valley Megamall confirmed the fire's cause in a statement and announced that as of 11:38am, there were no casualties. The mall temporarily suspended power supply until authorized by the fire and rescue team.

Simultaneously, the mall declared temporary closure until further notice, Mid Valley Megamall expressed apologies to all affected individuals and businesses, reiterating their commitment to ensuring customer safety.

A merchant at the mall, Lee Hui Pin stated, "Firefighters arrived at the scene urgently at 10:40am and attempted to prevent the fire from spreading, by around 12:07pm, the fire was completely under control, and by 12:44pm, it was entirely extinguished."

Azrina Kassim, a customer who was planning to watch a movie at the mall, mentioned, "Seeing the mall restored to order, I feel relieved and can now enjoy watching a movie. I am grateful to the staff who worked hard for this."

Although the fire caused severe traffic congestion around Mid Valley Megamall, no injuries or fatalities were reported, and the fire department dispatched additional water tankers to assist in firefighting efforts.

After the urgent handling and complete extinguishing of the fire by relevant authorities, Mid Valley Megamall has reopened, allowing customers to shop with peace of mind.

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