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New Tune Studio is Preparing "Infinite Possibilities" Songwriting Conference

Writer: Liao Yilin

Editor: Wang Mengya

KAJANG, 27 May - On May 26, the New Tunes studio held another intensive rehearsal in the band room, in preparation for their June 10 performance at the Bangi campus, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), called the songwriting conference "Infinite Possibilities".

(The band room at Perhentian Kajang. Photo by Liao Yilin)

New Tune studio has been created for about 25 years, aiming to improve communication and performance competence among UKM students, New Tune will hold performance in June annually, and they call themselves as “NTLP family”.

It involved the dance segment, music segment, publicity, and so on. They were all students from UKM in different faculty, and in their free time after class will gather to prepare performances.

This rehearsal was the sixth one and as usual, there were songwriters, musicians, arrangers, managers, protocol, technical and support staff. They gathered at Perhentian Kajang at 6.00pm and the hosts enthusiastically began.

The program consisted of a welcome ceremony, Malaysian national anthem, review of past performances, introduction of executives and program chairman, followed by the program performance. 7 songs were released and the theme song was called "Infinity", it is worth mentioning that the song composition and arrangement were all done by the students of New Tune Studio, expressing their love for music and high creative quality. Each song is composed of a singer, keyboardist, bassist, guitarist, and drummer who put a lot of effort into each rehearsal.

(Photo source from New Tune publicity Instagram)

The instructor of the new tune studio, Andrew Lim, said: “We will treat the rehearsal of each song with extremely high requirements. After I pointed out the shortcomings of each song, the producers and musicians corrected and practiced very hard. I can feel that each rehearsal will make a little progress than before, I hope the musicians will cooperate with each other more tacitly.”

At the same time, the musicians also established a deep friendship during the rehearsal, the arranger Derric Toh said: “We would encourage each musician, and everyone believed that on June 10th, we could bring an excellent band performance for the teachers and students of UKM.”

(The band room, Kompleks Perhentian Kajang. Photo by Chua Wei Siong)

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