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NUS Enterprise Kicks Off Summer Entrepreneurship Program Online

Author: Haziq Maricar

SINGAPORE, 5 July - The National University of Singapore Enterprise just held the opening ceremony for their annual Summer Programme in Entrepreneurship online for the very first time through a Zoom meeting due to Covid restrictions with more than 150 recipients of the Temasek Foundation scholarship joining in corresponding to different nationalities around the globe.

NUS Enterprise is a subsidiary under the National University of Singapore which focuses on entrepreneurial goals which plays a critical role in developing innovation and entrepreneurship at NUS and beyond. Through the synergy of experiential entrepreneurial education and active industry relationships, it actively encourages entrepreneurship and cultivates global mind-sets and abilities.

Normally the program is being held physically in Singapore before the virus outbreak of Covid-19. However, after a year the summer entrepreneurship program is being put on hold in 2020, the organizer finally announced the application early this year after taking some time to adjust the way the course is going to be conducted to suit the current situation.

The campus tour was showcased through Minecraft, an online gaming platform where each participant has their own avatars to roam around the digital replica of buildings in the university while trying to solve missions is conceived as a positively innovative part of the team building process during the orientation session.

According to Mr. Kwok Leong Hui, the Director of Ecosystem Development of NUS Enterprise, “It is important to build international connections with these programs especially in nurturing entrepreneurial qualities in future young leaders before developing your own startup company in order to establish a strong foundation.”

“Through this course, this is your chance to engage and hopefully you are inspired at the end of this whole session so that you can start to put those ideas to work because you are the only person that builds your own path and not others.”

The program is currently ongoing from the 5th until 16th of July, running a 2-week intensive course as well as incorporating talks from different reliable panels consisting of successful south east asian entrepreneurs from Carousell, Grab and Shopback.

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