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Opening of The 40th Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair Event In Malaysia

Writer: Wu Yiwei

Editor: Yang Xiao

KUALA LUMPUR, 30 May - The 40th Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair China Guest of Honour event opened at the World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, on May 27.

Dato' Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Zhang Jianchun, Vice Minister of the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Fadhlina Sidek, Minister of Education of Malaysia and Ouyang Yujing, Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia, jointly opened the Guest of Honour event, according to Xinhua News.

(Live at the Malaysia International Book Fair. Photo by Xinhua News Agency.)

After the opening session, Zhang Jianchun accompanied Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim to visit the Chinese guest of honor pavilion, where he highlighted the Malay edition of Xi Jinping's Selected Writings and Xi Jinping on Governance, as well as the books published in Chinese and Malaysian translations.

The 40th Malaysia Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair China Guest of Honour event is the first time that China has hosted a guest of honor event at an international book fair in an ASEAN country.

"This is a delightful event for both the Chinese and the Malaysians. It is rare for Chinese people who like to read books that we can once again have access to local Chinese publications at such close quarters. For Malaysians many of the books at this event are very Chinese and are a rare opportunity for some of those who enjoy or are interested in Chinese culture," said Pan Lechen (20), an international student from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

"This book fair is a very important step in promoting Chinese culture, China's excellent culture never lacks an audience, it just lacks publicity. Malaysia has a larger Chinese audience and the Malaysian Chinese also have a strong affinity with China If they have books that interest them, this book fair helps them save the time of waiting for shipping and air freight and have a wider selection of books," said Ye Zhiqiu (21), the student from Shandong University in China.

China has carefully prepared more than 30,000 high-quality books for exhibition, totaling tens of thousands of books, including books that interpret the historic achievements and changes made by China in the extraordinary decade of the new era, as well as excellent books that showcase the core concepts of Chinese traditional virtues and culture and the Chinese humanistic spirit.

"I think it is great to hear that many Chinese authors have come to this book fair for cultural exchange with Malaysian readers. China is Malaysia's largest trading partner and one of the largest sources of overseas investment as the two countries are working more and more closely together. This is a good opportunity for Malaysia to promote Chinese culture through the book fair,” said Wu Xing (21), another student from Shandong University in China.

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