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Pavilion Downtown has already begun to welcome the arrival of Christmas

Updated: Jan 12

Writer: Su Xiaofan Guo Jiajia

Editor: Song Rongxiu Peng Yi

(Photo source: Su Xiaofan)

Kuala Lumpur, 26 Nov - In order to welcome the upcoming Christmas 2023, welcome the season full of joy and warmth, but also to provide customers with an entertainment place full of shopping and wonderful experiences, Pavilion Mall has been refurbished with a festive glow.

Christmas originated from the celebration of the birth of Christ Jesus and is one of the most important festivals in the Christian world. Christmas not only represents the commemoration of the birth of Jesus, but also symbolizes hope, love and forgiveness.

(Photo source: Su Xiaofan)

Pavilion Mall has carefully prepared a variety of activities and special offers to create a happy and peaceful shopping environment for customers, adding a more festive atmosphere.

"I really enjoy the festive atmosphere. For some reason, it's hard to see such beautiful Christmas decorations on Christmas Day in China, so when I stepped into the mall, it really blew my mind, it was very romantic." Said Li Xintong, a student at the University of Malaya.

"Pavilion is truly unique! In my impression, the decoration of this mall can be said to be very gorgeous. Those lights and decorations make me feel like I am in a fairy tale world. Last Christmas~ I gave you my heart……”Jason, a tourist from the United States, commented.

(Photo source: Su Xiaofan)

"You know, winter is a very beautiful season, but we don't have snow here, which is a great pity. But getting together with friends from all over the world to celebrate Christmas is no worse than playing in the snow." "The Pavilion Mall in the heart of the city provides just such a venue for us," said Universiti Nasional Malaysia student Liu Yipeng.

Perhaps the lack of snow is a great pity for the country and the city, but in this festival, people from all over the world come together to enjoy the joy and share the beautiful moments, which is enough to make up for it. Conveying warmth and care, sharing good moments, and demonstrating the spirit of unity and friendship, Pavilion Mall holds on to this value and creates a festive shopping place for customers, so that everyone can feel joy and blessings during this special season.

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