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Pursuing the Path of Excellence in Education of UKM

Writer: Xu Bingxuan

Editor: Huang Xinrui

As global educational exchange continues to deepen, the National University of Malaysia (UKM) has witnessed a significant increase in the number of international students choosing it as their preferred destination for higher education.

As one of Malaysia's premier research universities, the UKM has gained international recognition for its commitment to delivering high-quality education. Chinese students choose to study at UKM to benefit from its distinguished teaching and academic guidance. The university boasts top-notch faculty and researchers who impart knowledge and wisdom, nurturing students' holistic development and honing their professional skills.

UKM's impressive performance in the 2022 QS World University Rankings, securing the 144th position, has captured the attention of numerous students, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an exceptional educational experience.

Furthermore, UKM provides a wide range of academic programs, including but not limited to humanities and social sciences, business administration, and medicine. This extensive variety of majors allows students to have ample choices and the opportunity to shape their academic path based on their individual interests and future career goals. Whether students aspire to delve into in-depth studies in the humanities or explore practical applications in the field of business management, UKM caters to their diverse academic needs.

UKM prioritizes the cultivation of a garden culture, providing international students with a diverse and inclusive learning and living environment. Students from different ethnicities come together at UKM to study, live, interact, and understand individuals from various cultural backgrounds. This multicultural campus culture broadens the perspectives of resident students, fostering their cross-cultural communication skills and global outlook.

“When I first set foot on the UKM campus, I was immediately captivated by its vibrant multicultural atmosphere. The presence of individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds engenders a rich tapestry of cultural experiences and varied perspectives. One of the reasons why I chose UKM was to immerse myself in the unique dynamics of communication and interaction among people from different ethnicities.”

“Although immediate results may not be apparent in the short term, I believe that this experience will prove invaluable for my future endeavors,” expressed Li Baoguo (42), a doctoral student specializing in business administration.

Matsushita Da (24), an exchange student from China, highlighted, "Initially, I chose UKM due to its exchange program, but there are several reasons why I genuinely enjoy being here. The climate is particularly appealing to me, especially coming from a northern city in Japan where winters are bitterly cold. The cost of living here is relatively affordable, easing the financial burden on my family. Additionally, I greatly appreciate the academic environment at UKM, which offers a 24-hour study room that allows me to quietly complete my assignments."

"I, as a Muslim, find it incredibly convenient to live and study here. Furthermore, UKM boasts an exceptional ecological environment, with monkeys and lizards frequently spotted on campus.”

“Upon graduation, I aspire to gain valuable work experience overseas, given UKM's strong connections with various industries. I hope to partake in internship programs and receive employment guidance, which will enhance my competitiveness in the job market," expressed Liu Bowei (21), a student at UKM.

International students also have access to a dedicated accommodation building called Kolej Ibu Zain (KIZ), conveniently located within the campus, ensuring easy access to the library and study rooms, thereby saving commuting time for students.

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"The reason I chose UKM is because it is close to my hometown. UKM is a well-known, long-established public institution in Malaysia. Due to its distance from the city center, the learning atmosphere here is excellent. I live in the International Student Residence College – Kolej Ibu Zain (KIZ) on campus, and when we go to the library or study rooms, everyone is focused on their studies.”

“The student apartments also take good care of us international students, providing a common hall for socializing. I have made acquaintances with some exchange students from other countries here, and there are also many students from different Asian countries studying here. Their diverse life experiences have broadened my horizons. KIZ also organizes various activities to enrich students' lives. Although there may have been some initial adjustments when I first arrived at UKM, I now really love it here." Hao Zitong said that.

The growing popularity of "study abroad" among Malaysians has shed light on UKM's unwavering academic prowess. Students at this prestigious university encounter a myriad of academic and cross-cultural experiences within its campus. The institution's commitment to maintaining high academic standards, coupled with its advanced learning resources, further solidifies UKM's standing on the global stage.

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