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Residents of Savanna are Annoyed by Motorcycle Noise

Author: Zhang Yaoyuan

Editor: An Ke

DENGKIL, 30 April - Some of the international students who live in Savanna Executive Suites were disturbed by the noise of motorcycles and even suffered from mental health problems.

Savanna Executive Suites in Dengkil, Selangor is a nice and well-equipped residential area where many international students choose to live, mainly Chinese students, due to its close proximity to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

However, some international students have recently started to complain about the noise of motorcycles in the neighbourhood causing serious disturbance to their sleep.

Chinese student Wang Yahui, who has been living in Savanna for three months, said: “Motorcycle owners drive around the neighbourhood at high speed at night, and the noise from the motorcycles is very loud, which seriously affects my rest.”

( Photographed in the Savanna Executive Suites by Zhang Yaoyuan)

Furthermore, Chinese student Ge Yijia, who has lived on a savanna for a year, also experiences these issues.

Yijia said she was troubled by motorcycle noise, chronic sleep deprivation and began to develop symptoms of neurasthenia.

A resident claim that the months-long noise annoyance has harmed their physical and mental well-being.

"The motorcycle noise also harmed my health, after prolonged noise exposure, I started to experience tinnitus, deafness, and headaches, and due to lack of sleep, my body became more tired and weak,” said a Chinese student Peng Yi who lived in Savanna for 2 years.

Specific symptoms of physical discomfort also gradually appear in Chinese student Wang Mengya who has been living in Savanna for five months.

Mengya said that the noise of the motorcycles caused her to begin experiencing tinnitus, hearing loss, and headaches.

Likewise, the safety hazards posed by motorcycles are worth noting.

Chinese student Li Zhengxuan, who has been living in Savanna for four months, said: "Motorcycles in the neighbourhood can sometimes ride very fast, increasing the danger."

Numerous steps have been taken by the Savanna Management Office to address the issue, including more patrols and warning signs, but the motorcycle noise issue has not been rectified.

Additionally, Yahui offered some assistance, including bolstering the monitoring and detection of motorcycle noise, raising the number of fines, and enhancing publicity and education and she hopes that the community management office will take these recommendations seriously and put them into action as soon as possible.

We anticipate that the Malaysian government and community management office would intensify their efforts and adopt stronger measures to provide residents with a peaceful and comfortable living environment.

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