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Risks and Precautions of the Safety for UKM International Students' Off-campus Accommodation

Author: Yang Xiao

Editor: Wu Yiwei

Bangi, 26 April - With the arrival of the school season and the arrival of a large number of international students in Malaysia, the safety of the community becomes a very important consideration when they choose a place to live.

(Residential area around UKM. Photo source: Google Maps)

According to a recent study by the Chinese International Student Association of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM-CISA), more than 80 percent of surveyed overseas Chinese students expressed some or very concern about the safety of off-campus accommodation, the most common safety concerns students cited included burglary and theft, lack of security and noise nuisance.

"My friend and I came home from school and found that many of our belongings had been used by others, and there were traces of strangers coming in. The neighbour told me that she directly saw the stranger man coming in, and there were even warning signs in the house. There are still some signs on our house, which are very scary, and I have already called the police.” said Ma Yuxi, an international student living in Vista.

(A strange mark carved in front of an international student’s house in Vista. Photo by Yang Xiao.)

In order to solve these problems, the vast number of Chinese students studying abroad spontaneously formed an organization, set up a WeChat chat discussion group, and helped each other to improve the safety of overseas students' off-campus accommodation, and the plan includes working with local landlords and property management companies to provide security features such as secure entry systems, smoke detectors and fire alarms, walk with each other as international students learn about safety precautions they can take while living off-campus.

(Chinese students voluntarily set up WeChat discussion groups to help each other Screenshot by Yang Xiao)

Zhao Shengxi, a Chinese student living in Bangi Avenue, said: "As international students, our personal safety is the most important when we go abroad. As people of the same country, we also hope that we can unite to solve some setbacks and difficulties that everyone faces." "Students are encouraged to report any safety concerns or incidents to each other, and we all work closely with local law enforcement to ensure the safety of our Chinese students."

“We know that finding safe and affordable housing can be a challenge for our international students, especially those who are new to the area,” said security officer Mohd Ghafar Hafar Abu Bakar at the Savana complex.

He added, “Our community security team has recently increased the intensity of night patrol, the community began to enter the real name registration without room card, and we have installed new cameras in some new areas, such as corridor corners, to improve the overall security of the community.”

(The reporter is interviewing the security guard of the community. Photo by Yang Xiao)

While overseas students face unique challenges in finding safe and secure off-campus accommodation, international student groups are forming spontaneously to take steps to address these issues and ensure their own safety.

As the number of international students continues to grow, colleges and communities must prioritize the safety of these students and provide them with the resources and support they need to succeed.

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