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RM1,320.00 prize pool will be at stake!

By: Vikneswaran Ramalingam

Editor: Muhammad Haziq Fikri Hassan

Desaga Facebook Page

KELANA JAYA, 10 Nov – Degasa Esports Team along with HAX Gaming, co-organized HAX Degasa PES 2020 Tournament on 2nd November 2019 with a limited 64 participants which was held at HAX Gaming Studio Kelana Jaya starting from 9.00am - 6.00pm.

Degasa was originally stands for 'Dewa Ganas Shah Alam' was founded by 4 founders and was Competitive in PES and FIFA related gaming.

Founded in 2006 HAX Degasa PES 2020 Tournament v1.0 was their 6th addition to the gaming community along with other online gaming platform such as PUBG and Mobile Legends.

With an entrance fee of RM30 (1 player 1 slot) RM 1,320.00 prize pool was at stake. Champion: RM700 + Jersey (sponsored by Bola Kaki), Runner-Up: RM300 + Snapback, 3rd Place: RM150 + Snapback, 4th Place: RM50, 5th-8th Place: RM30 each

One of Degasa founder, Mr Hafeez Shariffudin said the event was their brave choice to enter the world of football gaming such as PES and FIFA

“We just want to enjoy the gaming atmosphere and choosing PES was not even in the early list to be chosen as this year tournament game.

“We didn’t afraid about the outcome, we want to create a platform to bring together the gaming community.

“The more failures you have, the closer you are to success,”

Muhammad Rafiq Firdaus, the champion said that the event was special as it enabled gammers to share their interest and ideas.

“ I never missed any Pes tournament, as it was my passion as a gammer and winning one of it was a dream come true moment for me. For gammers out there, try hard as one day you will see the result,” he said

For 3rd place winner Saiful Arsenal, he look forward for upcoming PES tournament by Desaga Esport Team and really happy for the champion as he was qualified to AXIS APL Grand Finale.

“Good for Rafiq, he was a good player and looking forward to play with him again. On the next PES tournament i will come again and claim my place as champion,”

Founder, Mr Hafeez Shariffudin also added, “Congratulations to all winners once again, we will back again with HAX Degasa PES 2020 Tournament v2.0 next year.”

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