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Runcit as The Main Needs of Indonesian People Living in Malaysia

Writer: Ananta Wirayudha

Editor: Jasmine Fadhila Hidayat

(Runcit operates 24 hours. Photo by Ananta Wirayudha)

As Indonesians who have spent a significant amount of time studying overseas, we occasionally miss everything about Indonesia, including its cuisine, beverages, and other brand items originally from Indonesia that might be hard to find in Malaysia. To get all these needs, Indonesian people usually go to find the nearest Runcit.

To get all these needs, Indonesian people usually go to find the nearest Runcit, Runcit is a vital location for Indonesians living in Malaysia to get their everyday necessities. The “Runcit” can provide for the following basic requirements of Indonesians living in Malaysia.

Runcit is a specific kind of store where customers can purchase and sell retail items. Typically, convenience stores sell a variety of additional home goods in addition to dry, raw commodities like rice and flour. Typically, markets sell wet groceries.

The grocery store is smaller than a wholesale shop or market in terms of size. Every town and housing development frequently contains a small store to make grocery shopping for people simpler. A bazaar is typically required when a region has a population of more than a few thousand individuals.

Runcit sells a variety of foods and drinks, including packaged drinks, quick noodles, and snacks. For Indonesians who are busy, these products are frequently a quick and simple option. Because Runcit can be found everywhere, in every part of Malaysia.

Some Indonesian food brands that can be found in Runcit include Kopi Kapal Api, Indomie, Tolak Angin, Kacang Dua Kelinci, and also types of cigarettes that are native to Indonesia such as Sampoerna Mild, Surya, and Djisamsoe that suitable with Indonesian taste. In addition, usually, Indonesian people living in Malaysia may have specific health needs that can be addressed by Runcit stores. These stores offer a variety of products, including over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements.

Aldyth Hutasuhut (20) Indonesian student majoring in Business Administration from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) explained, “In Runcit there are a lot of Indonesian goods that are sold complete and the prices are cheap, and also they sell all kinds of food ingredients at affordable prices. can look for typical Indonesian spices to cook at home.”

Apart from that, one of the main reasons people visit the Runcit is the normal price of the goods being sold, which is sometimes even less expensive than in Indonesia. starting with food items, produce, and fruits.

"Personally, as an Indonesian, I'm always looking for chili sauce on Runcit, namely the ABC brand, because what I feel is that the chili sauce in Malaysia is very much different from the Indonesian chili sauce, which is known to be very spicy because when I eat, it has to have the chili sauce." Said Muhammad Hafiz (20), an Indonesian student majoring in Computer Science from UKM.

In addition, Runcit provides shopping convenience and ease that are unmatched anywhere else. Most of these stores are open from dawn until night, and some are even open round the clock. Although some stores might accept payment by credit card or e-wallet, cash is typically the preferred method of payment at retail establishments.

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