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Scalpers Sell Eason Chan Concert Tickets at Expensive Prices

Writer: Wang Mengya

Editor: Liao Yilin

KUALA LUMPUR, 12 May - Singer Eason Chan Yick Shun (Eason Chan) held a grand concert in Malaysia, and the price of concert tickets was raised, this incident sparked calls from the masses to take effective measures to eliminate scalpers and maintain fairness and good order in the music market.

As one of the leading figures in the Chinese music scene, Eason Chan's concerts have always been highly sought after by fans. Due to his outstanding achievements in the music industry, tickets for his concerts are in short supply. Due to the scarcity of tickets, some criminals take advantage of the situation and resell the tickets at high prices to fans eager to see the concert cattle.

The official selling price of position 322 in the picture is 638 Ringgit Malaysia (RM), but the selling price on the Malaysian second-hand platform carousel is 1500 RM, double the original price, disappointing many fans who had been looking forward to it because of the high-ticket price.

(Concert Seating Map. Photo from the Carousell)

(Eason Chan concert ticket price screenshot. Photo from Carousell)

Liu Ying, an international student from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and a fan of Eason Chan, said, “The behavior of scalpers who sell tickets at high prices not only disturbs the normal market order, but also deprives the rights of genuine fans. The relevant departments should take stricter measures to crack down on scalping to protect the rights and interests of consumers.”

It is worth noting that the fight against scalping requires the combined efforts of many parties. Concert organizers and ticketing platforms need to strengthen their technical means to prevent scalpers from hoarding tickets in large numbers through software and other means. It is also important to be vigilant and not pay scalpers too much to prevent a scalping market from existing.

The issue of scalpers selling tickets to Eason Chan concerts at exorbitant prices has drawn attention to fair, transparent, and regulated ticketing practices, and it reminds all stakeholders to work together to ensure a level playing field in the ticketing market where genuine fans can pay for reasonable price to watch their favorites.

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