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SeaShorts Festival Film 2023

Updated: Jan 10

Write:He Yuhan,WangBo

Editor:Hou Bairu,Zhu Lijing

KUALA LUMPUR,18Nov- location at jalan petaling, bandar kuala Lumpur. The interview was on November 18th.

The SeaShorts Film Society is a force that brings together creativity, collaboration, and cultural exchange. The SeaShorts Film Society is a key link that fosters talent, collaboration, and drives the development of the region's cinematic treasures. Through its tireless efforts, the association ensures that Southeast Asia shines on the global film stage.

By promoting and focusing on Southeast Asian films on a global platform, the association not only elevates the status of individual films, but also enhances the film profile of the region, creating a film community that has the power to take their stories to the next level.

*Photo for the SeaShorts Festival Film 2023 live question and answer session* date for shooting on November 18

(the photo is by HeYuhan)

As a representative of the Southeast Asian region, Malaysia has shaped many stories worth sharing with the world by drawing on its rich history, folklore, culture, and daily experiences.

The National Film Development Agency of Malaysia (FINAS) has been committed to identifying and nurturing emerging film talent and supporting local filmmakers through a range of initiatives, “including grants, workshops, and mentorship programmes.”

Jeremy Emang Jecky is known for his film that was inspired by indigenous culture. He said "I wants to inspire his community and make their stories known through film storytelling."( location at jalan petaling, bandar kuala Lumpur. The interview was on November 18th.)

This year, the SeaShorts Team will be looking ahead while digging up the past: sifting through the soil, reading and learning from mistakes, and taking stock of our achievements. Ploughing up old memories and perhaps throwing some in the ‘din n bin’ of history.

Elyna Shukri, President of the Film Society, shared at the festival: "The position of Southeast Asian films on the global film stage cannot be ignored. Southeast Asia has a rich and diverse culture, which provides a rich source of material and stories for film creation. This strategic investment fosters a thriving community of storytellers, further enriching the overall landscape of Southeast Asian cinema."( location at jalan petaling, bandar kuala Lumpur. The interview was on November 18th.)

Festival guest, Yang Jiaxin from UKM, said: "SeaShorts is not only a film festival, but also a platform and incubator to provide opportunities for new voices and to find those old voices that have not been heard or not heard enough. Through these innovative and expanded approaches, SeaShorts is committed to promoting and developing the moving image in the form of short films."( location at jalan petaling, bandar kuala Lumpur. The interview was on November 18th.)

The indigenous cultures of Southeast Asia play an important role in the film. These cultural traditions and values provide rich material and storylines for the film. Through films, indigenous cultures are transmitted and shown to audiences around the world. Films can convey the uniqueness of indigenous cultures by showing their traditional customs, religious beliefs, folklore,and historical events. They can be presented through characters, scenes, and dialogue in the film to give the audience a better understanding of the values and lifestyles of indigenous cultures. In addition, films can show the importance and influence of indigenous culture by telling the stories of indigenous characters.

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