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Seremban Holds FIESTRA 2023 for the First Time

Updated: Jan 12



SEREMBAN, 15 Oct - The first International Traditional Music and Games Festival (FIESTRA 2023) was held at Mydin Mall, and local and international students in UKM participated in activities together to spread traditional cultures of various countries.

FIESTRA 2023 is an open traditional music and games festival that welcomes everyone to participate.

This event was held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and provided abundant food and convenient transportation to ensure that UKM students can fully enjoy this cultural feast.

The opening ceremony was a special performance by the Malaysian Music Museum.

“We hope that through this activity, people can understand the traditional culture of different countries. These traditional cultures are really valuable, and I hope we can pass them on.” Katarin said, organizer of the event.

The performers were dressed in traditional Malaysian ethnic costumes and hold musical instruments with a long cultural history, and the audience danced to the rhythm of the music.

(Mydin Mall,Seremban. Music festival opening ceremony.

Photographed by Zhu Zhaoxuan)

Participants of all ages, from children to the elderly, could be seen in the crowd, and they all participated in the warm atmosphere of the activity.

(Mydin Mall,Seremban. Board games placed on site.

Photographed by Zhu Zhaoxuan)

And according to the event schedule in the afternoon, there were traditional games from Malaysia, such as chess and congkak.

“This event is very interesting. I learned about the traditional culture of Malaysia here, and I learned some simple rules of chess.” a Chinese student from UKM, Zhang Xiaoya said in an interview.

At the end of the event, traditional dances from different countries began to be performed on stage.

They dressed in their own country's traditional clothes and danced happily on stage, interacting with the audience on site, and this atmosphere infected everyone in the event.

“I just came to buy some groceries, but I did not expect to come across such an interesting event today. They played some ancient traditional Malaysian instruments that are quite different from what I heard in my country.” Chinese tourist Zhang Zhiming, who was touched by the music festival, said.

At the glittering end of the first International Traditional Music and Games Festival (FIESTRA 2023), people came away with the impression of cultural exchange and diverse traditions, but also with good memories.

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It feels like a meaningful and fun event ya

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