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Sharing Session With Two Alumni Of Mention's UKM

By: Vani Pillay

Editor: Rafidatul Aqila

Source: Mention FSSK Instagram.

BANGI, September 27: Two alumni of Media and Communication (MENTION) course recently had an interactive sharing session with MENTION students at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, National University of Malaysia (UKM).

Syamimi Shahira Saripan, a broadcast journalist from Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM), has shared some quality values on how to become a journalist.

Firstly, one is required to have good communication and writing skills and should be quick-witted at anytime and anywhere.

She also stressed on the skills of approaching people which is the first step of an interview. “The way you approach them is very important and how you should put down the microphone before asking them some basic questions such as where you're from and so on.”

“Expressions are important when delivering news to the audience. If the news is a tragedy, the expression should be sad so it can relate to the news,” she said in a statement.

She also talked about sound on tape (SOT) that is important in broadcasting. “Don't make your own stories before it is verified by any authorities.”

“Remember the first thing you need to do before the interview is to make sure you understand the current situation so that the questions you are going to ask are easy to understand by them,” she added.

Another Mention’s alumni who's known as Sharul Nazrin Rezal is a videographer content development at The Star talked about the new media.

He stated that as a video journalist, all the work needs to be done by themselves at once. For instance, holding the microphone, handling the visual and audio and also become the standupper.

As the session ended, one of the Mention students, P Vethashahana said, "I learnt something from the speech and it opened my eyes to choose which major. I will definitely choose a private company as it has more benefits salary wise.”

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