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SheCulture Fest Highlights The Importance of Breast Cancer Awareness



(Source: Azmyra Balqis)

SheCulture Fest 23/24 is a program that combines elements of art, culture, and issues related to women. The festival aims to provide opportunities for students to gain knowledge, experience, and inspiration in these areas.

The 2023 statistics on breast cancer in Malaysia reveal a concerning trend with an increase in new cases, especially among younger women. This emphasizes the urgency for heightened awareness campaigns, regular screenings, and proactive measures to combat the rising incidence of breast cancer in the country.

It presents new experiences, offering health talks specifically for women, the latest insights in skincare and makeup, and enlivens the atmosphere with a multicultural carnival highlighting the diversity of Korean culture. This also includes zumba sessions to get the body moving and crochet classes, making it a unique experience that not only strengthens relationships but also brings the university to life with each story shared, dance performed, and uniqueness shared.

In the vibrant halls of Persatuan Mahasiswa FSSK, an exciting event unfolded under the leadership of the Female empowerment EXCO and Culture and Arts EXCO. What started as the elegant Festival Wanita Anggun, dedicated to celebrating women, evolved into a dynamic fusion with K-Pop, captivating hearts and minds over three eventful days.

The event kicked off with a buzz as attendees delved into the PinkRibbons of Hope: Advancing Breast Cancer Awareness. This program serves as a forum that focuses on raising awareness about breast cancer, especially among university students. Free breast cancer screenings are provided to promote early detection and prevention. By offering these screenings, the program aims to empower students with knowledge about breast health and encourage proactive healthcare practices. The initiative not only educates young individuals about the importance of regular check-ups but also underscores the significance of early intervention in combating breast cancer

The event was led by Fatin Afifa binti Mohd Shukri (FSSK, Psychology) the project director for the SheCulture Fest and a member of the Persatuan Mahasiswa FSSK. Fatin Afifa’s focus on raising awareness about breast cancer among young girls due to the concerning statistics highlighting the rise of breast cancer cases in younger age groups is truly commendable. She also shared her experience on why she chose the topic.

"I plan to have this topic which is breast cancer because I've seen firsthand the impact it can have on loved ones. It's a cause close to my heart." She also added, "Breast cancer should be talked about more openly to break the silence and empower women to take charge of their health."

(Source: Azmyra Balqis)

Fatin Afifa’s dedication to educating young women about breast cancer, inspired by a personal connection through a family member’s experience with the disease, underscores the importance of early detection and prevention. Stressing the significance of understanding the stages of breast cancer to prevent its progression to advanced stages reflects a proactive approach to tackling the disease effectively.

Furthermore, the success of the program, as mentioned by Fatin Afifa, with its smooth flow and positive reception, highlights the impact of such initiatives in spreading awareness and empowering women to take charge of their breast health.

(Source: Azmyra Balqis)

Puteri Aimuni Binti Mohd Zulkifli, the esteemed main host who eloquently addressed the audience on the topic of breast cancer, provided profound insights during her impactful speech. Puteri said she agreed on talking about breast cancer, because it helps raise awareness in young women.

“Breast cancer should be talked about more because early detection and awareness can lead to better outcomes. Plus discussing openly reduces the risk of stages of breast cancer” she said.

When queried about her decision to tackle this crucial subject, she emphasized the vital importance of raising awareness to equip women with essential knowledge about breast health and the pivotal role of early detection in enhancing treatment outcomes.

(Source: Azmyra Balqis)

During her address, Puteri Aimuni highlighted the urgent necessity for fostering more open and candid conversations surrounding breast cancer, particularly in light of the escalating incidence rates, notably among younger women. She underscored the critical need to destigmatize discussions about breast cancer to encourage regular screenings and promote proactive measures for prevention. Puteri Aimuni firmly believes that by amplifying discussions and educational initiatives related to breast cancer, lives can be saved, and women can be empowered to proactively prioritize their health and well-being.

In conclusion, the event series at FSSK beautifully showcased the essence of She Culture through engaging activities like Korean makeup sessions and crochet-making, all led by talented UKM students. The main reason why breast cancer was highlighted is because the statistics of the cases are rising. By fostering open discussions, sharing personal experiences, and disseminating crucial information, such events play a vital role in empowering women to prioritize their breast health and take proactive steps towards prevention.

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