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Siti Nurhaliza’s SOP Violation Sparks Uproar From Netizens

Written by: Mariam Zamri

Edited by: Ziera Adurah

Source: @ctdk

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 April - A video showcasing the second child of Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza who is seen warmly welcomed by her husband, stepchildren, ustaz as well as photographers and doctors at the hospital has sparked uproar from netizens as some criticized that there was non-compliance with Standard of Procedures (SOP) among the visitors present.

According to OhMyMedia, netizens have expressed dissatisfaction and discontent with the SOP injustice committed by Malaysia’s national treasure.

“It used to be ‘if you mess with Tokti, you mess with Malaysians.’ But when Malaysians themselves started to question their own sweetheart, you can imagine now how stressed, disappointed and frustrated they are with how the authorities imposed the SOP,” said Twitter user @SyuhadaSyud on her account.

Another netizen wrote, “When my wife gave birth, nobody could enter except for me. But when a celebrity does it, anybody can visit. I am tired of this double standard.”

It is noted that in the times of the Covid-19 pandemic, government hospitals will not allow visitors to enter except a caregiver according to the patient's health status, following the SOP that has been set. However, the same stringent rules are not exactly imposed by certain private medical centers.

Areen Aziz, 32, a member of the general public, said that the problem lies in how the government implements the SOP and rules, not on the iconic singer.

“Firstly, why are there different rules between government hospitals and private hospitals? The procedure should be the same to avoid confusion.

“Relating to the double standard issue, yes, popular celebrities and the T20 group are dealt more leniently than the public because of their status. However, Covid-19 has no preference to who it affects,” she added.

According to the report, some netizens have defended the singer, with some saying that visitors must undergo a Covid-19 screening test initially before visiting patients.

“Before bashing, read Tokti’s Instagram posting first, she has commented that visitors including the photographer and ustaz have undergone swab tests if the results are negative only then they can enter,” said Twitter user @SamrahMentari.

The video has since then been deleted from Instagram and THE TYA’S FAMILY YouTube channel.

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