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Spectacular Fireworks Illuminate Langkawi’s Pantai Cenang

Writer: Liu Yipeng

Editor: Liu Yaduo

(Photo by: Liu Yipeng)

LANGKAWI, 14, Apr - After the coronavirus restrictions were lifted, one of Langkawi's most famous beaches, Pantai Cenang, was lit up with huge fireworks display and cheers. The event is part of an effort by the Langkawi Tourism Department to promote tourism by working with local businesses to attract locals and tourists to the beach and boost the tourism economy.

The fireworks show, which started in the evening, showcased intricate designs and thrilling movements of performers against the wide sand and calm waters, to maximize the beauty of the natural scenery and the enthusiasm of the local people of Pantai Cenang.

(Photo by: Liu Yipeng)

The fireworks show began with exciting music, and the thrilling performance brought the atmosphere of the evening to a climax, while also adding cultural flavor.

To give visitors a good feeling, there are many food stalls on the beach, offering different flavors of local cuisine.

Some food stores along the beach have set up viewing areas and special packages, allowing visitors to experience and taste local specialties while enjoying the scenery and humanistic features of the waterfront such as fireworks displays.

"This event is part of our initiative to revitalize tourism in Langkawi after the downturn caused by the pandemic," said vendor Aisha Abdullah. "We are very happy to see so many people enjoying our culture and food, and the arrival of tourists has increased our income."

In addition to the exciting activities, visitors to Pantia Cenang also felt safe and reassured as they found that Langkawi's safety barriers and emergency services were in place to provide timely assistance when needed.

Visitor Sue said: The event organizers’ emergency services are visible and can provide immediate assistance if needed. "Happily, the event went off without a hitch and we were all able to enjoy the evening safely."

Most of the performances used recycling bins were provided to minimize pollution to the natural environment, a move by Tourism Langkawi and the event organizers to reduce unnecessary pollution.

Guo Jiajia, a tourist, said: You can see the efforts made by the tourism department to protect the environment. "The beach hasn't changed because of the show. Even though there are a lot of people here during the show, there are always people coming to restore the beach after the show."

The fireworks display marks the beginning of the event, with the aim of attracting domestic and foreign tourists to travel and sightseeing to support future events.

The shopping mall along the beach also showcases local products and beachfront costumes, bringing Langkawi's unique Marine atmosphere to visitors from different countries.

As the fireworks faded into the night sky, the crowd dispersed with smiles and memories. 

Magical Night at Pantai Cenang with the successful conclusion of the event, Tourism Langkawi is on the positive impact such events will have on the local economy.

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