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Spritzer Host Plastic Reimagined Event In IOI CITY MALL



(This is the Plastic Reimagined avtivity held in IOI City Mall Putrajaya: Photo by Guo Zhuozhuang )

PUTRAJAYA, 22 May- The plastic recycle activity held by Spritzer, a Malaysian pured mineral water production company, was held in IOI City Mall. This activity will last for five days from 22 May. The event attracted many visitors to actively participate and learn.This activity is mainly to let people further understand the various uses of plastic in daily life and the process of plastic recycle

Spritzer dives into the world of sustainability through various events for rewards learn about the second life of recycled plastics exploring art installations crafted from recycled plastic bottles and you can also make and collect your own succulent plants here.

Li Zhicheng, a staff member of the Spritzer plastic remodeling activity said,“ This activity not only let to visit people to learn more about plastic, but also let me for plastic recycle process to know more, before I always thought that all the plastic is harmful, but through the plastic recycle activities I learned that plastic can be recycled harm to our social environment is very small, I think this activity for myself is also a chance to increase their knowledge.”

(This is the staff are showing the process of plastic recycle: Photo by Guo Zhuozhuang )

In this plastic recycle activity is mainly divided into three parts, frist part is respectively for the process of understanding different kinds of plastic recycle, second part is visit the art made of plastic, the last part is to make your own succulent plants, each part will have Spritzer work garden to explain. If you have plastic with recyclable. Staff will demonstrate how to recycle and rebuild

Aminah Binti Zulkifli, Head of the IOI City Mall's plastic remodeling project,said, "As the head of the project I attach great importance to this activity, ,Spritzer, as a mineral water production company, uses a lot of plastic but the masses of the understanding of plastic is not perfect, so I think I as a member of the Spritzer company, should do my best to do this activity let everybody of plastic and plastic recycle has a more comprehensive cognition.”

Li Jingyi,a Chinese female student who attended the event said “I feel this activity let me know more about plastic and plastic recycle, the recycling of the word I often hear but also don't know what this process is, today's activities and let me know how the plastic products are recycled, I think it is a good learning experience for me.”

After all the visits, each visitor can grow their own succulent plants and bring them home, not only as a souvenir of the event, but also as a small step for visitors to participate in protecting the environment

(These are fleshiness be made by the visitor: Photo by Guo Zhuozhuang )

Spritzer company has been committed to promoting the environmental protection and the recycling of plastic products, which is not only one of Spritzer's ideas, but also they want to let more people know about the recycling of items and Encourage more people to join in protecting the environment.

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