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Stationery Store in the Community

Write: Wang MengYa

Editor: Liao YiLin

BANGI, 5 June - The center of the Savanna Executive Suites, a new stationery store officially opened recently, bringing a new world of stationery shopping to local residents.

With its convenient location and diverse product lines, this newly opened Hasani stationery store has become the first choice for community residents to buy practical stationery products. The store is clean and bright, and a variety of stationery products are displayed in the store.

(Photo source: Google Maps)

Mahathir Mohamad, an employee in the store, said, “The products in the store are roughly divided into five types. The store has various types of pens to choose from, and provides a variety of notebooks and sticky notes. We also provide various writing tools, such as tapes, correction Liquid, etc., our store also focuses on providing some creative supplies, such as highlighters, stickers, sticker pens, etc. We have a dedicated student supplies area to provide students with necessary stationery and school supplies to ensure that students have everything they need.”

In addition to a variety of product lines, this stationery store also focuses on providing personalized services. The shop assistants provide product consultation and shopping suggestions to customers to ensure that each customer can find the most suitable stationery for them. There is also a trial area in the store, where customers can personally Try out a wide range of pens, drawing utensils, and stationery items to make sure you make the right choice.

A customer, Fang Yuan said: "When I can't find the stationery I want to buy in the store, I will seek help and advice from the store staff. They are very enthusiastic and will recommend suitable stationery products according to my needs and preferences. They will also introduce some new ones. The famous stationery brand gives me more choices.”

This newly opened stationery store has attracted widespread attention and appreciation from community residents. A resident of Savanna, Yao Yui, said that the opening of this stationery store has brought her convenience, enabling her to buy high-quality stationery products at her doorstep.

This newly opened stationery store has become a new hotspot for stationery shopping in the residential building community, bringing residents a convenient and creative life experience. Whether you need a pen or a notebook, or looking for creative inspiration, you will find it here is your first choice.

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