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Stray Cats in Vista Bangi Have Been Rescued

Writer: Chen Weiyu

Editor: Zhang Chuqiu

BANGI, 19 May - There are a large number of stray cats around the Vista

Bangi Service Apartment (Vista Bangi) community, and the stray cats have

been rescued one after another recently.

At the end of April, the number of stray cats at the RBS 1 BISTRO restaurant,

convenience store entrances, and community garages around Vista Bangi

increased almost daily.

In May, a group of cat lovers established the cat community at Vista Bangi,

but in the initial stage of the rescue of stray cats, there will be insufficient


Dai Ziwei, a Chinese student who has lived in Vista Bangi for a year, said "I

had the idea of saving stray cats a long time ago, but my own strength was

too weak. After everyone came here in April this year, everyone discussed

and started the rescue stray cats work."

A small proportion of the rescued stray cats have illnesses, and the Vista

Bangi stray cat rescue group has jointly funded the treatment of these stray


Vista Bangi cat lovers have set up WeChat groups and WhatsApp groups,

and update the status of kittens every day.

(Stray cat at the home of the first adopter. Photo by Dai Ziwei)

"The kittens are also our family members, and their lives are equally precious.

I have also made many like-minded friends because of this group of rescue

stray cats. This is also a very precious harvest for me," Sun Zixin, a Chinese

student studying at UKM said.

(Rescued stray cat. Photo by Dai Ziwei)

The stray cat rescue community will raise some kittens themselves, but

because of the large number and limited experience, they will choose to find

some suitable adopters for the kittens.

From rescue to rehabilitation for stray cats to finding adopters for some stray

cats, every process is carried out in an orderly manner.

(Taking the temperature of cats. Photo by Dai Ziwei)

“Stray animals are neglected lives in this corner of society, all they want is to

survive in peace. With this experience of rescuing stray cats, misunderstanding

and reverence for life are more real. Small animals are a life. If you decide

to adopt them, you must start well and end well,” said Xia Yiwen, a

Chinese student in charge of helping stray cats find adopters.

These efforts to rescue the stray cat group have been recognized and

appreciated by everyone, and also let the cats have their own home.

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