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Taman Greenwood Bazaar Reopened After Four Days Of Being Ordered To Close

Author: Ziera Adurah

Editor: Mariam Zamri

GOMBAK, 28 April - The Taman Greenwood bazaar in Gombak has been reopened on April 26 after being ordered to close by the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) for four days from April 22 to 25 for not complying with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

The bazaar was ordered to close on April 21st for its violation against the designated SOPs such as a lack of compliance with the 1-meter distance required between the stalls, customers not using the queue number cards, one-way traffic flows, and the weak security system at the entrance of the bazaar.

According to MPS corporate communication director, Mohammad Zin Masoad, they will continue to monitor all the Ramadan bazaars under their jurisdiction from time to time.

“We would also like to remind sellers and visitors to always comply with the designated SOPs that are already set by the authorities to control the Covid-19 pandemic,” he added in a media statement made on April 21.

Maziah Mohd Senari, 61, a seller at the bazaar, said that even though the closure of the bazaar had affected their income as sellers, nevertheless it was necessary for it to be closed down for a few days to prevent the further spreading of Covid-19.

“I think the SOPs that the government has made for the bazaar sellers and customers are good enough but it is better if they assign at least 2 police officers at the entrance point to ensure both sellers and visitors adhere to the SOPs,” she added.

“The current SOPs made for Ramadan bazaar is a good approach to prevent the spread of Covid-19 but sometimes it is hard to implement the rules at certain bazaars because they are usually located in small areas,

“I think the government’s decision to allow Ramadan bazaars to operate this year was a good choice because this can be a good opportunity for the country’s economy to grow and revive and this can also help the vendors to gain their income,” said one of the Taman Greenwood bazaar visitors, Nur Annisah Kassim, 21.

Observations at the location made by Nadi Bangi team on April 27th have found that the bazaar is now operating as usual with police officers around to ensure both vendors and visitors comply with the SOPs.

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