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Taste Authentic Shannxi Cuisine

Writer: Wang YaHui

Editor: Liu Tao

BANGI, 4 June - Recently, the newly opened "Xi'an Noodle House" located nearby the Savanna Executive Suites has attracted a lot of attention from local residents and international students, the noodle house has been highly praised for its authentic Shaaxi taste and has become a new place for people to taste the authentic flavors of Xi'an in a foreign country.

(Photo by Wang Yahui )

The interior of the noodle house is also decorated in a simple and classical manner, creating a warm and comfortable dining atmosphere, photos and artwork of famous places in Shaanxi hang on the walls to immerse customers in the cultural atmosphere of Shaanxi.

(Oil-splashed noodles. Photo by Wang Yahui)

Li Guangliang, the founder of this Xi'an noodle house, talked about their initial intention and characteristics of opening this noodle house, Mr. Li said, "As a Shaanxi native, I always want to spread the food culture of my hometown and let more people taste the authentic Shaanxi flavor, we are committed to providing authentic Shaanxi cuisine, preserving the traditional cooking methods and flavors so that customers can experience the true Shaanxi flavor."

One of the customers, Ms. Wang XiaoNuo, said, "I am from Shaanxi, and I have high requirements for Shaanxi cuisine. After coming to this noodle shop, I felt the taste of my hometown, it was like I was back in Shaanxi, their cold skin and meat bun are very authentic and make me feel very satisfied."

Another customer, Zhang Xiran, said, "I am a fan of Xi'an culture and have a keen interest in Xi'an food, this noodle house gave me a new taste experience, their dishes are well made and taste authentic.”

In the future, this noodle shop plans to further expand and introduce more Shaanxi cuisine to meet the taste needs of different customers.

At the same time, they also plan to hold Shaanxi food and cultural events to let more people understand and love the unique cuisine of Shaanxi.

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