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The Attractiveness of Malaysian Universities to Attract Chinese Students Continues to Grow

Writer: Xiang Nan

Editor: Ma Wugang

(Chinese students' activities in Malaysia Photo by Malaysian Chinese Students Association)

KAJANG, 23 April - The number of international students in Malaysia has been increasing, further demonstrating the growing popularity of studying in Malaysia globally since March.

Since 2020, the number of international students in Malaysia has increased rather than decreased, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) recently announced that the number of new international students in Malaysia increased by 40% in the second quarter of 2022 compared to the same period last year.

The number of Chinese students in Malaysia has increased by 49%. Malaysian higher education institutions have made great strides in attracting Chinese students. In recent years, more and more Chinese students are choosing to pursue their studies in Malaysia to experience the quality education and multicultural environment.

(International students apply for the student visa at UKM, photo by Xiang Nan)

According to the latest statistics by EMGS, the number of Chinese students studying in Malaysian universities has increased for many years in a row. The growing trend shows the growing popularity of Malaysia's education system among Chinese students.

“I think there are many advantages of studying in Malaysia, but the most attractive to me is Malaysia has first-class higher education institutions, with many universities and colleges enjoying a good reputation in their respective fields. These institutions offer a diverse range of degree programs and majors, with a focus on hands-on teaching and fostering innovative thinking in students,” said Tang Yuxin, an international student from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

The cost of living in Malaysia is relatively low compared to other study abroad destinations. Chinese students can enjoy a high quality of life within a reasonable budget, including accommodation, food, and entertainment.

Li Xin, an international student from China, said, “Malaysia is a multicultural country with a rich and diverse ethnic and religious background. It provides an open and inclusive study and living environment for Chinese students, which helps them broaden their horizons and cultivate their cross-cultural communication skills”.

Malaysian universities are also actively taking steps to provide better support and services to meet the needs of Chinese students. These measures include the provision of Chinese tutors, the organization of cultural exchange activities. These initiatives will help narrow the language and cultural gap and enable Chinese students to better adapt to and integrate into the learning environment in Malaysia.

The continued growth of Chinese students is a positive trend for Malaysian universities and the education system as a whole. It has made important contributions to promoting international exchanges, promoting cross-cultural understanding, and improving the quality of education. Malaysia will continue to welcome Chinese students and provide them with quality educational resources and support to ensure their successful study life in Malaysia.

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