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The First Korean Barbecue Restaurant in Bangi Now is Open

Updated: Jan 12

By Xiang Liwei, Zhu Zhaoxuan

Editor: Zhu Siyu, Li Yingying

On a popular shopping street Union Square in Bangi Town, a new Korean BBQ restaurant is attracting diners' attention. Billed as Bangi's first authentic Korean barbecue, the restaurant is not just a culinary destination, but also an in-depth experience of Korean barbecue culture.

(Photo resource: Xiang Liwei)

Upon entering this barbecue restaurant, guests are greeted with a warm welcome. The restaurant is uniquely decorated with traditional Korean elements, from the floor to the ceiling, with an exotic flavour.

Korean pop music echoes softly, and the charcoal fire in the grill emits a tantalising aroma of barbecued meats as if one is instantly transported to the lively streets of Seoul.

This Korean BBQ restaurant prides itself on its wide selection of meats. From fresh chicken legs to unique Korean ham hock, each meat is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality.

Served with fresh vegetables and special seasonings, every bite is an adventure for the taste buds.

(Photo resource: Xiang Liwei)

One of the most notable features of this Korean BBQ restaurant is its extensive and affordable set of menus. At RM38 for adults and RM25 for children/seniors, customers can enjoy the delicious flavours in the set menu.

What's exciting is that this price includes not only a variety of fresh chicken thighs and beef but also a special Korean ham sausage and a wide variety of vegetables, which can be added on indefinitely.

We interviewed the chef and manager of the barbecue restaurant, Mr. Yong Kah Yew. He said that the shop is not just a place to serve delicious food, but also a platform to pass on Korean hospitality.

He emphasised that every staff member is professionally trained to ensure a high level of service. Mr. Yong also shared his passion for opening the shop, hoping to bring a new kind of dining experience to local residents.

(Photo resource: Xiang Liwei)

Food isn't just a means to fill the stomach at here but also a reason for people to get together. Customers gather at the long barbecue tables, enjoying a delicious meal together while sharing laughs and stories. It's a place to socialise and a platform to pass on good times.

This Korean BBQ restaurant is more than just a food destination, it has become a popular place for family gatherings in Bangi Town.

Mr. Yong revealeds that most of the customers here are families. He enthusiastically shared some insights about the customers, "We are honoured to find that most of the customers are families. Family members can sit around, cook delicious food together and enjoy a nice dinner here. This family gathering atmosphere makes our restaurant a favourite place for local residents."

He went on to explain that the opening of this Korean BBQ restaurant fills in the Korean cultural element that Bangi lacks and brings new diversity to the town. He said, "Korean culture is not very common in Bangi, and we wanted to bring a new cultural experience to the residents by offering an authentic Korean BBQ experience. We have incorporated Korean elements in our décor, music and clothing to create an atmosphere for our customers that feels like they are in Seoul."

(Photo resource: Xiang Liwei)

This unique cultural experience makes this Korean BBQ joint more than just a restaurant, it is a representation of the cultural diversity of Bangi Town.

Whether for family gatherings or cultural exploration, it has become a popular social venue for local residents. Here, people not only savour the food but also feel the warmth of the culture from afar.

(Photo resource: Xiang Liwei)

We spoke to a customer who had travelled from afar, Ms. Liu Qing Hua. She told us that even though she doesn't live close by, she noticed the promotion of the restaurant through Instagram, especially the praise for the fried chicken.

Intrigued, she decided to take a taxi to make the trip. She said, "The fried chicken here is the best I've ever tasted and worth every journey in distance."

A customer from who had travelled from Southville City Mr. Han Yaning said, "This Korean BBQ restaurant is not just a new hotspot in Bangi, but also a place for people to have a pleasant experience."

A customer who decided to take a break and visit the restaurant over the weekend Ms. Hao Jiaming said, "The food and atmosphere are great, but I personally recommend that the business offer more meat options."

Here, you can savour authentic Korean barbecue, feel the unique dining atmosphere, and the warm smiles delivered by the staff. It will become a new culinary landmark in Bangi Town, attracting more diners to experience Korean barbecue's unique charm.

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