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The Israelis Raised a White Flag for Help and Were Killed by Israeli Troops

Writer:Yang Jiaxin         LI Qiuyun

Editor: An Haokuan       Zhao Wenhao


Tel Aviv, December 16, 2023, the Israeli army mistakenly killed three unarmed hostages holding white flags for help, and the matter continues to ferment in Israel and even the entire international community and the call for a ceasefire in Israel is getting louder and louder, and as the details of the accidental hostage incident are further revealed, the whole process is jaw-dropping and heart-wrenching.


On December 15, 2023, a white cloth was found in a building on the outskirts of Lower Sha with the words SOS in Hebrew written in red letters on the three hostages, which was hung on a building about 200 meters away from where the hostages were

killed, while Israeli soldiers were on duty in the Shejaya area of Gaza City. The three hostages were in a building about ten meters away from the Israeli soldiers. the three hostages were naked, holding white flags in their hands, one soldier thought that these people posed a danger to them, so he shot and killed two people, wounded a third person, and then the wounded hostage fled into the building, and issued a cry for help in Hebrew, so the outside commander immediately ordered the troops to cease fire, but when the wounded hostage reappeared, he was still shot dead by the Israeli army. This is a tragic mistake. On December 16, local time, the chief of the general staff of the Israel Defense Forces, Al-Khalwi, made a speech a day after the incident, saying that he was responsible for the incident.

White House spokesman Kirby expressed deep regret at a press conference that day. "This is a heartbreaking tragedy, and we are deeply saddened by it," Kirby said. She further noted that the U.S. government will closely monitor the development of the incident and expressed deep sympathy to the families of the victims.

Critics argue that the incidents of accidental hostage killings reflect a disturbing pattern within the Israeli army. "This is not only a tragedy, but also a war crime. Israeli commentator Nahum Baniye writes that international law prohibits shooting anyone who bears a white flag and that Israelis must be stricter with themselves. Moreover, the Israeli army's failure to take any steps or conduct meaningful investigations into such incidents has led to a culture of "impunity" and widespread and uncontrolled violence against Palestinians.

Du Yu, student of Faculty Economics Management: I questioned the actions of the Israeli soldiers, who have repeatedly stressed that the purpose of their ground attack on Gaza is to eliminate Hamas and to free the hostages. 


Wang YaHui, student of Faculty Science and Social Humanities: Every new word that emerges has its own objective basis, an example of the serious consequences that this incident can bring when dealing with similar situations. 


Ma XinYi, student of Faculty Economics Management:I am very worried about the security of weak countries. "Weak countries have no security, and the people are pitiful", is the grim reality that some countries may suffer in the face of crises. 


In the aftermath of the tragic incident where three Israelis lost their lives at the hands of Israeli forces, a significant number of protesters took to the streets of Tel Aviv, urging the government to pursue a truce. Responding to the public outcry, the Israeli army announced a comprehensive review and purge of military discipline. This development adds a new dimension to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to report on the evolving situation in the region.

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