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The Nuisance of Monkeys in Keris Mas College Causes Chaos Yet Again

Updated: Jan 12

Writers: Abigail Sangeeth, Fakhruzzaman

Editors: Aina Jazlina, Fatihah Elwira

Pictures taken while the monkey was hurling the roof tiles Source: WhatsApp

BANGI, 2 Nov - The girls in the residential college at the campus of University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), have experienced the nuisance of monkeys yet again which causes chaos among the students and damage to the college’s facility.

A few monkeys entered the Girls’ residential college during a weekday last week on November 2 around 8:30 in the morning. A final-year student residing in that college shared footage of the monkey’s nuisances that morning in her WhatsApp groups. The recording of her video shows that one of the monkeys got furious until it went to the rooftop of the building and started cracking and throwing down roof tiles causing damage to the facility. The girl who posted the video remarked during an interview that she was taken aback to witness an uncommon situation that had never occurred before. “The situation got worse as we were all afraid to walk past the building as the monkey was throwing down the hard rooftop as it might hit someone. It was petrifying when we heard a loud banging noise early that morning. Luckily there were no students who woke up early to go out and nobody was injured.” She said. She also mentioned that after that incident, some monkeys entered the building and began to wander around in quest of food. The most disturbing part was when the apes started to chase girls who were just walking past their blocks. “She added” “There was an incident on that same day where a student carelessly left her garbage hanging outside on her room’s door lock causing a monkey to mess up that garbage.” She said. She also said that the monkeys then left around evening time as it started to rain heavily. A first-year student who is also residing at that college reported to us that this was her first time seeing an unusual activity that monkeys would do and that she was constantly afraid to leave her room for class.

"After enrolling here a month ago, this is the first time I've seen this kind of atrocity up close, and I'm afraid to go to class every day," she remarked. One of the college's janitors was questioned to learn about the safety precautions put in place to keep the students safe. A lady janitor reported that students should consider some safety precautions before leaving and or while in their rooms. Among the safety precautions mentioned by the janitor include:

  • Students must always close the front gate during their going and coming back to their blocks.

  • Students should never leave their garbage outside their room corridor or on their door lock.

Students are advised to securely store their food in a non-transparent bag or plastic bag when strolling back and forth to their blocks, particularly during the day when the monkeys will be actively roaming.

Picture of a cage that was set to catch monkeys in Keris Mas College


The janitor also added that traps were set in certain areas of the college to relocate the monkeys afterward.

“To catch monkeys disturbing the peace around each block, we have set up traps by putting a cage containing bait—such as fruits—in particular places," said the janitor.

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