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The Number of Visitors in Pavilion on Labor Day Reached the Highest

Writer: Li Yanze

Editor: Yin Heng

(Pavilion shopping centre, photo by Li Yanze)

Kuala Lumpur, 4 May - Pavilion shopping centre experienced a remarkable milestone on Labour Day as it welcomed its highest number of visitors since the first half of the year.

Pavilion shopping centre's Labour Day promotion, which offered exclusive discounts, complimentary gifts and other perks to visitors who spent a minimum amount, was a significant drawcard. Watsons is offering 20%-50% off most of their skincare products, while Parkson is offering RM100 off a purchase of RM700 or more.

A shop assistant, Chew Lan who works at Parkson, said: “That was a really busy day for us. We had discounts on a lot of products and we also offered gift cards for customers who spent a certain amount on Labour Day. Although the work is hard, It was great to see so many people coming in and enjoying the shopping centre.”

(Parkson shop staff, photo by Yin Heng)

These discounts and promotions not only increase turnover on Labour Day, but also enhance the shopping experience for visitors, and the visitors were eager to take advantage of the deals and experience the diverse range of retail, dining and entertainment offerings on offer.

The pavilion is also hosting a variety of activities and entertainment options during the Labour Day promotion period.

Visitors can enjoy live performances by local artists, participate in art and craft workshops, or take part in interactive games and contests.

“When I was tired of shopping, I was able to enjoy the free Malay dance performance in the shopping centre, which was very relaxing and memorable,” said Zhang Hongpin, an international student from China.

( Pavilion performance Stage, Photo source therelizamiqbal’s instagram)

To promote tourism in other Malay destinations during the Labour Day period at the same time, the shopping centre also partnered with local travel agencies and tour operators to offer curated tours and packages.

Li Yuan, a Chinese visitor, said, “It was a great surprise that not only was I able to enjoy shopping but I was also able to book a trip to other attractions directly at the mall, which saved me a lot of time!”

(Chinese visitor Li Yuan, photo by Li Yuan)

For tourists, Integrated tourism services provide a more comprehensive and seamless travel experience, allowing them to easily navigate the city's many attractions and highlights and for the shopping centre, it offers a unique selling point and a way to attract more visitors.

To attract more visitors for Eid and Labour Day, Pavilion's investment in upgrading its facilities and services has also played a significant role in attracting more visitors.

Salman Khan, a security guard at the shopping centre, pointed out: “Last few days, Pavilion shopping centre has improved its infrastructure, and also upgraded its digital capabilities. Although there were many visitors on the first of May, the self-service machines helped to ease our reception burden.”

The Pavilion shopping centre's success in attracting more tourists over the Labour Day is a testament to its commitment to developing Malaysia's tourism industry.

The shopping centre's world-class facilities, strategic location, and innovative offerings are positioning it as a premier destination for tourists looking to experience the best of Malaysia's shopping, dining, and entertainment scene.

In addition, as Malaysia continues to grow as a tourism destination, Pavilion shopping centre is leading the way in showcasing the country's rich culture and diverse offerings.

With its ongoing efforts to enhance the visitor experience and attract more tourists, Pavilion shopping centre is poised to continue its growth as a top destination for shopping and entertainment in Southeast Asia.

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