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The Pawsitive Club Heartfelt Endeavor for Animal Welfare



(Credit: Khairulhafiz Hasrul)

In the bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur, an unnoticed crisis prowls the alleys and backstreets: the plight of stray cats. This issue, which tugs at the heartstrings of animal lovers and concerns public health experts alike, is far more pervasive than many realize. According to Malaysia National Animal Welfare (MNAWF), Malaysia is home to approximately 2 million stray cats, a number that has been steadily climbing due to factors such as urbanization, lack of sterilization programs, and inadequate public awareness about animal welfare. Statistics reveal that stray cats comprise a significant portion of the estimated 3.2 million stray animals in the country. The Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation reports that nearly 70% of these stray cats are found in urban areas, where they face numerous challenges, including malnutrition, disease, and abuse.

A passionate group of students from Kelab Sukarelawan Siswa has united under the initiative known as The Pawsitive. Motivated by a profound dedication to animal welfare, they have launched an inspiring community service project in collaboration with S.I. Home Shelter (Seroja Inn), a renowned organization committed to the welfare of stray animals in Shah Alam, Selangor. Through their  joint efforts, they aim to bridge the gap between shelter and society, fostering a culture of empathy and kindness.

The journey of The Pawsitive began as part of an elective course called LMCR1102 Kesukarelawanan Khidmat Bakti, which required students to identify social issues and initiate a program to address them. Noticing the challenges faced by stray animals such as illness, aggression, uncontrolled breeding, and lack of food, the students recognized the significant role shelters play in animal welfare. This realization led them to partner with S.I. Home Shelter to support their efforts in addressing these issues.

One of the major challenges faced by S.I. Home Shelter is a lack of supplies, such as pet food, medicine, and litter, particularly after the floods in Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam, in December 2021. As a non-governmental organisation (NGO), Seroja Inn struggles to secure enough funds to recover from such disasters. The Pawsitive's fundraising efforts, in collaboration with KSS, focus on providing these essential supplies.

At its reach, The Pawsitive is a team of visionary leaders, driven by a shared passion for animal welfare. Under the guidance of Khairulhafiz Hasrul Bin Khairulnizam, a fourth-year Bachelor of Accounting student, they have orchestrated a unified effort to raise awareness and support for S.I. Home Shelter within the UKM community. In an interview, Khairulhafiz articulated their visionary goals for the project and the transformative impact they hope to achieve.

"Our mission at The Pawsitive is to promote responsible pet ownership and advocate for the welfare of stray animals," stated Khairulhafiz. "Through our strategic partnership with S.I. Home Shelter, we aim to mobilize financial support, raise awareness, and rally community backing for their invaluable work." Khairulhafiz emphasized the crucial role of community involvement, highlighting the need for collective action to create a more compassionate society.

Behind the scenes, Nur Aisyah binti Shamsudin, a third-year Chemistry student, serves as the treasurer for The Pawsitive, managing the organization’s finances with meticulous care. She discussed the financial challenges they face and the importance of financial management to help support this cause. 

"As the Treasurer, I oversee the careful allocation of resources and ensure financial prudence," explained Nur Aisyah. "Our efforts rely on the generosity of the UKM community, and it is our responsibility to ensure their contributions are used wisely." She stressed the importance of transparency in their financial processes, affirming the necessity for donors to know how their contributions are utilized.

"So far, we have raised approximately RM 300 towards our goals, but we aspire to secure additional funds to expand our initiatives," she added, highlighting The Pawsitive's collective ambition to increase their impact.

As an NGO, Seroja Inn struggles to secure enough funds. The Pawsitive's fundraising efforts, in collaboration with KSS, focus on providing these essential supplies. They have initiated a donation drive, appealing to the UKM community and the public for contributions in cash or kind. Donations can be made directly to their account, and the funds collected will be used to purchase critical items such as pet food, medicine, and litter. The Pawsitive also plans to leverage social media campaigns to raise awareness and encourage broader participation in their mission to support S.I. Home Shelter in its vital work of caring for and rehabilitating stray animals.

The efforts of individuals who support this cause through donations propel The Pawsitive's mission forward. In a heartfelt testimony, Divyarao A/L Vengadesarao, a Fourth Year, Engineering student shared his motivations for supporting the cause and the profound impact of his contribution.

"I have always been passionate about animal welfare, and when I learned about The Pawsitive's collaboration with S.I. Home Shelter, I was inspired to contribute," revealed Divyarao. "Through my donation, I hope to make a tangible difference in the lives of stray animals, demonstrating the power of individual actions in driving societal change." Divyarao emphasized the importance of student involvement in community service initiatives and the transformative potential of seemingly small acts of kindness.

The Pawsitive also aims to create a more sustainable future for both the animals and animal shelters within the community. Through this program, they undertake multiple initiatives, including raising public awareness through social media campaigns and supporting the long-term sustainability of S.I. Home Shelter. One key initiative is the creation of a personal website for the shelter, which allows the public to learn more about them, access information about volunteer opportunities and adoptable animals, and make direct donations to support their operations.

As The Pawsitive continues to help animal welfare within the UKM community, their initiative stands as a testament to the university's commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. Through effective leadership, prudent financial management, and active student participation, they are forging lasting connections between shelter and society, nurturing a culture of empathy and compassion that extends beyond the campus. As we look to the future, let us recognize the power of collective effort and the transformative impact of united action in improving the lives of the marginalized and underserved.

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Good initiative by the students!

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