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The Vibrant Graduation Market at UKM

Updated: Jan 12



(Photo resource: WANGBOHAN)

BANGI,26 Nov- The 51st graduation ceremony of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia was successfully held. This was not only an important moment for the graduates, but also an important moment for the market. Various stalls were lined up around Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak, which brought a lot of energy to the graduation ceremony.

This is a market full of Malaysian characteristics. When we walked into this market, we were greeted by a series of stalls, mainly selling snacks as well as clothing and jewelry, we also conducted interviews with stall owners and students.

"I have prepared beautiful bouquets for the graduates," shared Nurul Hidayah. "Each bouquet of flowers is carefully made, and I hope the students can enjoy the graduation ceremony."

(Photo resource: WANGBOHAN)

The market is mainly focused on food, with stallholders like Mohamad Azlan offering mouth-watering Malaysian snacks. "These snacks are specially prepared for graduates, hoping to add wonderful memories to their graduation ceremony." Mohammad Azlan said excitedly.

(Photo resource: WANGBOHAN)

We spoke to several Chinese international students who expressed their hopes for the future and fond memories of their Alma mater. Li zhenxuan, a graduating student, said, “The graduation ceremony was very good. The snacks in the market are very delicious. I hope my graduation next year can be just as grand.”

Another graduating student, Bai shuo, shared, “I am very happy to have graduated, but I am still full of sadness at the thought of leaving UKM. The school also live-streamed our graduation ceremony on YouTube, and my friends could watch my graduation ceremony, which was really great.”

From the feedback from stall owners and students, we can see that the market around the graduation ceremony was very successful and left a deep impression on everyone.

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