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Thunderstorm Courses Havoc in KL

Writer: Huang Xinrui

Editor: Xu Bingxuan

KUALA LUMPUR, 21 May – 15 schools and about 20 vehicles were damaged when the storm hit the federal capital on Friday (May 19).

(Swimming pool in the storm. Photo by: Huang Xinrui)

Works Minister Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi said the thunderstorm on Friday evening tore roofs off the schools and falling trees also damaged the buildings.

“The Kuala Lumpur Public Works Department (JKR) is conducting further inspections to determine the type and extent of damage to all schools involved,” said Works Minister Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi in an interview with the Bernama.

JKR also suggested in a Facebook post yesterday that teachers and students who go to the schools should avoid entering the affected areas until they are assured that these locations are safe.

(One of the schools that had its roof blown off in the storm. Photo by: Nanta)

“As a parent, I was very worried to see the school building damaged like this. I am concerned that the children will accidentally break into the damaged building and be hurt by the falling blocks,” said a parent Ahmad Mohd Yusof (43), father of a child in SK Salak South.

JKR will work with the Malaysian Armed Forces to inspect and assess the damage for further action,” said Nanta.

In addition to the damage to the school building, there were many cars parked on the side of the road that were damaged by trees due to the storm.

Kuala Lumpur Fire and Rescue Department showed that at least 14 cars and five motorcycles were damaged as a result of fallen trees.

Strong winds followed by heavy rain last night uprooted at least 10 trees in several parts of the Klang Valley.

“The rain and wind were both particularly strong at the time, and the tables and chairs set up outside our restaurant were blown away. My colleague and I had no time to put them in the store,” said Uddin Md Mohir (20), a Bangladeshi staff at Lamb Shepherd Restaurant.

(The car was hit by the tree. Provided by: courtesy of Fire and Rescue Dept)

“I've been in Malaysia for three years and this is the first time I've encountered such a big storm. The wind was very loud and I was really scared,” Li Song Yuan (21), a Chinese student from computer science at Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) said.

A team of no less than 10 civil defense members arrived at the Taman Sri Jati site at 8.30pm.

It took about three hours and several chainsaws were used to clear the fallen branches from the wrecked vehicle.

No injuries or loss of lives were reported.

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Jun 12, 2023
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Good work!

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