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Together For Child Fire Safety event at IOI City Mall

Updated: Jan 11

Writer: Su Xiaofan Guo Jiajia

Editor: Song Rongxiu Peng Yi

Putrajaya, 14 Dec- Recently, some master students in Business Administration from UKM University Business School carried out the "Together for Child Fire Safety" activity at IOI City Mall, aiming to publicize fire prevention knowledge to children, improve children's safety awareness, cultivate children's self-protection ability, and enhance family fire prevention awareness. Promote social security and stability.

(Photo courtesy of Together For Child Fire Safety campaign organizers)

Li liwei, one of the organizers, showed that they prepared a lot of gifts, also went to various locations in Kuala Lumpur to conduct questionnaires and launch crowdfunding, and we donated all the money raised throughout the project to the welfare home through our mentors.

At the scene, we can see a lot of families and tourists involved. In the course of the activity, the organizers carried out a series of interactive games, prizes and so on. We can also see the firefighters' enthusiastic explanation and live demonstration.

(Photo courtesy of Together for Child Fire Safety campaign organizers)

A local little girl Lia Omey said, "I had only heard of fire extinguishers before, and this was the first time I saw and learned how to use them."

"It is really a good learning opportunity for children and I am willing to donate some money because I think it is meaningful," said Nurul Ain Abu, a customer at IOI City Mall.

"I just came here when I saw a lot of people," said Dong Xiaofei, an undergraduate student at UPM. "The fire talk was fun and I got a gift, but I wondered if it would affect people's normal shopping because they gathered too many people."

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