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Top 10 Best Places To See New Year's Eve Fireworks In Langkawi 2023

Writer: Nurul Syafiqah

Editor: Kumutha Santharan

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Langkawi Island is a place where welcoming Malaysian and foreign tourists gather on New Year's Eve to witness an experience that transcends a mere countdown, transforming into a symphony of dazzling fireworks. From hidden coves to pristine beaches, each carefully chosen spot ensures a unique and unforgettable perspective of the spectacular fireworks that grace the Langkawi New Year night. 

In this insightful guide, explore the 10 Best Places in Langkawi to countdown to the enchanting New Year! Nadi Bangi gathered this exclusive information which has been completed with guidance, reviewed, and approved by locals and tourists especially fireworks enthusiasts. It promises an unforgettable, spectacular fireworks display for New Year's Eve, accompanied by culturally rich experiences.

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Berjaya Resort Langkawi created a magnificent fireworks show that was well-known for its uniqueness in collaboration with Insta360MySg, also known as 360 Malaysia. Locals have said that this resort has the best fireworks with a fireworks show performance in Langkawi. Their stunning showcase proved their achievement demonstrated worldwide through an outstanding victory at the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2022. 

Tanjung Rhu Beach became a hidden gem in the area, providing a free rural viewpoint for watching fireworks. This underrated beach became the destination for outstanding uninterrupted fireworks views of the countdown displays from private establishments which include the worldwide luxurious Four Seasons Resort and Tanjung Rhu Resort.

Next to Tanjung Rhu Beach, Four Seasons Resort Langkawi enhanced exclusivity by hosting a premium event for its guests who indulged in a delightful dinner featuring a music party, a pre-fireworks fire show, and an enchanting fireworks countdown. 

Hotel Park Royal, a newcomer to Pantai Chenang that just opened in February 2023, quickly gained popularity because they serve various types of delightful meat. Its buffet offers a satisfying buffet featuring culinary delights such as tomahawk beef, whole lamb shoulder, and beef ribs pastrami. In addition to delighting the taste buds of its guests, the gourmet delicacies served as a tempting background for the joyful New Year's Eve fireworks celebrations. 

Hantu Bar at Pantai Chenang, known for its affordability and open concept, continued to attract both local and foreign tourists. It remained a popular choice for those seeking an incredible view of the amazing New Year's Eve fireworks. As acknowledged by locals, this bar is so famous among tourists that it has become synonymous with its stunning live fireworks entertainment. It drew high crowds, captivating both locals and foreign tourists, ensuring an unforgettable experience surrounded by fire show performances at all times before the dazzling New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

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Cruise Langkawi offered a unique perspective for witnessing the spectacular fireworks, presenting a memorable experience aboard a private cruise. Priced at RM6,800 for 8 pax, this exclusive opportunity allowed for a clear view of Pantai Chenang's vibrant New Year's Eve celebration. This private trip ensured not just a front-row seat to the dazzling display but also the enjoyment of our own company, creating an unforgettable nautical experience. 

Dash Resort, with its private beach, hosted a white party for music enthusiasts during the New Year countdown. For an entry fee as low as RM155, guests enjoyed a musical extravaganza featuring DJs such as DJ Dora, DJ P4P, and Resident Dj Kara Elle, along with the soulful melodies of violinist Martin Lool and saxophonist Banni. 

Resort World Langkawi Awana invites the public with a mere RM10 entry fee to watch the New Year's Eve countdown fireworks, ensuring that all visitors can enjoy the same view as the resort's privileged guests.

Paradise 101, an artificial island dedicated to entertainment and tourism, offered a limited-entry experience for those seeking a unique vantage point to witness the spectacular New Year's Eve fireworks. Besides the stunning fireworks, this unique island's focus on exclusivity and entertainment made it a must-go destination for revelers. 

Photo Source: Shamsul Hidayat Omar 

Telaga Harbour Park at Perdana Quay Lighthouse remained an iconic hotspot among locals alike. This strategic location provided a free and clear view of the New Year's Eve fireworks, showcasing clear view fireworks panorama from Paradise 101 Island and Berjaya Langkawi Resort.

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