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UKM Celebrated The 30th Anniversary Of The Spring Festival Gala



(Photo By Liu Yipeng)

Bangi, 11 May - On a starry night, Sekretariat Pesta Ang Pow Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (PAP UKM) held a grand dinner at Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak (DECTAR) to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the organization and to raise funds for social welfare institutions, attracting many celebrities and community members.

PAP UKM was established in 1994, originally as a gathering by UKM's Chinese students to celebrate the Lunar New Year, which gradually evolved into a student-led organization aimed at promoting Chinese traditional culture.

The dinner commenced with cultural activity zones opening at 6 PM on May 11th, and guests were escorted into the venue in an orderly manner at 7 PM.

The dinner officially began after the gong was struck by Tan Sri Dato' Sri Liow Tiong Lai and other leaders and distinguished guests.

(Photo By Liu Yipeng)

“Nearly 500 people attended the dinner,' said Chairman Sia Zhongcheng, 'and we prepared extensively for it.”

Director Wong Yi En said, “We started recruiting new members from last October, about 30 people, including around forty to fifty with the AJK. We began formal training in March, and from March to May, we officially started our preparations.”

(Photo By PAP UKM Instagram)

PAP UKM' s meticulously prepared activities and performances dazzled the attendees. Lion dances and Sichuan opera face-changing showcased Chinese traditional culture, while an impressive magic show continuously elicited laughter from the guests. Performances of traditional Malaysian dances and musical instruments highlighted Malaysia’s cultural diversity, and a raffle excited the audience.

Usher Liu Yaduo, who has participated in two such events, said, “ We had five rehearsals in just the two days before and on the day of the event to ensure everything went smoothly. It was hard work, but we are happy to see the event conclude successfully.”

The dinner concluded with the beautiful singing of a vocalist. We deeply feel that this was not only a celebration of PAP UKM's 30th anniversary but also a display of unity and hope. This dinner brought together support and enthusiasm from all sectors of society, raising valuable funds for our social welfare institutions. We sincerely thank every participant for their active involvement.

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