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UKM Halloween Event Draws 400+ Students into Haunted House Adventure

Updated: Jan 12



Bangi, 26 Oct - With Halloween just around the corner, the Urusetia Pembangunan Sumber Manusia (UPSM) was hosting a Halloween-themed event, a haunted house at Pusanika.

(Display board at the event venue. The photo was taken by MA YUXI. )

Each person needs to purchase a RM5 ticket from the staff at the entrance and they could form a team of five with friends to enter the haunted house together for a 15-minute adventure.

Nur Hafizah Mohd Anuar, a student who just came out of the exit said that the excitement of this haunted house makes the admission fee well worthwhile, "It was very interesting, and a few girls were really scared. It had a great Halloween feel in it."

(The queue for buying tickets. The photo was taken by MA YUXI.)

Participants were led through dimly lit corridors and eerie rooms, with red lighting shrouding the dark spaces and alleyways.

"I think I will come back to participate next year. They might do even better because this time has already made me very happy," student Zheng Hanmo said.

In preparation for this event, they dedicated two months to planning and rehearsal.

Director of haunted house Tengku Azra Athirah Tengku Azinazi expressed, "Hard work always pays off. Two days into the event, over 400 students have participated, earning the event a memorable reputation on campus."

Last semester, UPSM held a national haunted house event in the local student dormitory, the ghosts were all from Malaysian culture. This time, "we want to create a one-stop center for everyone and attract more international students".

UPSM hopes to use this event to showcase Malaysian horror culture to international students while incorporating western horror elements.

"I believe we’ve done a great job of bringing the two together," Tengku Azra Athirah said.

"I saw some unfamiliar horror characters, although I don't know the scary background of these ghosts, they still scared me," Chinese student Li Wei said.

(Poster of The Haunted house, photo from @upsmukm_)

Faiz is an actor in the haunted house, he played the ghost in Malaysian culture, Hantu Pocong.

Faiz said that this is his first time participating in a haunted house role-playing event. "Although wearing the 'kain kafan' and heavy makeup for an extended period can be tiring, I find it quite enjoyable," he said.

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