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UKM's 30th Anniversary Charity Dinner Attracts 1,000 Alumni



(Photo by Li Xintong)

BANGI, 11 May- Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) held its 30th Annual Chinese New Year Charity Gala " Infinity In Unity", which attracted around 1,000 alumni and community members. 

The event not only celebrated the university's anniversary, but also aimed to bring together the community to support the underprivileged through arts and charity activities.

The theme of the 1,000-person charity dinner is " Infinity In Unity ", which embraces positive emotions and expresses the idea of gathering in the same place. Even though we are all unfamiliar with each other, yet we can work together to promote what is worthy of praise. 

At the same time, it calls for everyone to come together, unrestricted by warmth and fuzzy feelings, and willing to give each other a piece of themselves for the community.

        (Photo by Li Xintong)

During the dinner, the Chairman of the event's organising committee, Mr. Sia Zhong Cheng, shared his thoughts on the event and [pointed out] its importance. 

He said, "This dinner is not only celebrating for the passed 30 years’ achievement of The Chinese New Year Dinner, but also an event that unites alumni from all walks of life and through which we hope to inspire more philanthropic spirit and investment in education.

During the dinner, vibrant cultural performances and lucky draws were held one after another, creating a joyful and warm atmosphere.

(Photo by Li Xintong)

Ms Su Xiaofan, a junior student who attended the dinner, also shared her feelings, "Every time I attend an event like this, it makes me feel very warm and proud. The feeling of seeing so many alumni coming together to contribute to the charitable activities is priceless."

The celebration not only strengthened the bond between alumni, but also showcased Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia as a leader in academic and social responsibility. 

The event was a great success and bodes well for the bright future of the university.

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