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UKM Students Are Happy With Zon 8 New Bus


Editor: SU LING

(The route map of Zon 8, source by UKM Chinese International Student Assocation)

BANGI, 21 May - Recently, The Unit Kenderaan UKM updated Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) campus bus routes and added four new routes, Zon 5, Zon 6, Zon 7 and Zon 8. Among them, Zon 8 is a special route for Southville City, which means that students living in Savanna, Cerrado and Avens will be able to take free campus buses to the campus, which is a great convenience for them.

Savanna, Cerrado, and Avens are three residential neighborhoods in the Southville City area that attract many Chinese students studying at UKM because of their proximity to the UKM campus.

With the increase in the number of Chinese students living in the area, transportation problems have gradually emerged. Previously, the main way for students to get to the campus was to take a taxi with grab, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also often encounters traffic congestion, long waiting time and high costs during peak hours.

In the new route Zon 8, Southville City is both the first and the main stop, and it passes through the three faculties, which is Fakulti Sains Sosial dan Kemanusiaan (FSSK), Fakulti Ekonomi dan Pengurusan (FEP), and Fakulti Sains dan Teknologi (FST), and finally returns to Southville City to form a loop.

This new route has three daily departures at 8am, 12pm and 4pm. However, it will not operate on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

As the bus is exclusively for UKM students, students will need to show their student ID card to enjoy a free ride. In addition, students are advised to be quiet and follow the rules of the bus, such as not eating or drinking in the bus and keeping the bus clean.

The Nadi Bangi journalist Wang Jiaqi interviewed three UKM Chinese students living in these two neighborhoods, Savanna and Cerrado.

Li Xinran, an economics major student living in Savanna, said, "Sometimes I have the early class at 8am, but it's really hard to get a taxi at that time of day and it costs more than usual, but there's no other way to get around other than taking with grab. Now with the campus bus, I can get to and from campus more easily and quickly."

Xue Keni, also a business administration student living in Savanna, said that the transportation issue really affects her a lot.

“Sometimes I used to have to start taking a taxi even more than one hour in advance and don't know if I can get one, but now with the campus bus I don't have to think about that anymore and it saves me a lot of time,” she said.

Fan Chengxin, a computer science major student living in Cerrado, expressed his joy to the opening of the new campus bus route.

"With the bus, I don't have to worry about being late for class because of traffic anymore, and my mood is much lighter," he said.

He added that the opening of the campus bus not only facilitates his travel, but also enhances his sense of belonging to UKM, because UKM really takes the students’ needs into account, which makes his feel very warm.

Although the specific meeting place and start time of the new line are still under negotiation and have not been determined, UKM administration expressed that they attach great importance to it.

All in all, the opening of this new campus bus route is a reflection of UKM's quick response to students' needs and an important step in UKM's continuous internationalization and improvement of service quality.

With more and more international students choosing to come to study at UKM, UKM is increasingly demonstrating its care for international students by providing quality educational resources while also improving its living facilities to enhance the overall student experience.

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