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UKM Students Expect Rapid KL Bus According to Route Schedule

Writer: Jasmine Fadhilla Hidayat

Editor: Ananta Wirayudha

(One of the buses with code 451 is operating)

Photo by: Jasmine Fadhilla Hidayat

BANGI, May 15- Public transportation is a means that facilitates people's productivity in their activities and avoids increasing the number of vehicles on the streets, moreover scheduled buses such as buses from Prasarana Malaysia Berhad, namely Rapid KL.

Prasarana Malaysia Berhad provides facilities in the form of Rapid KL buses which offer very good routes in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor through network connectivity reaching 177 routes.

For people who start their daily activities using public transportation, the Rapid KL bus is the right choice considering the availability of many buses and fixed routes.

Supported by schedules that can be accessed on several mobile application platforms such as Pulse and Moovit, the Rapid KL bus is very suitable for various groups to rely on when they want to use public transportation.

One of the routes of the Rapid KL bus in Kajang, Selangor is Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), with bus code number T451. This bus has a route that starts from MRT Stadium Kajang to UKM.

The T451 bus route passes almost all the residential colleges and faculties in UKM, so this Rapid KL bus route is very helpful for UKM students, especially those who live outside the UKM area which this bus passes when heading for UKM routes.

However, the buses that students should be able to rely on to make it easier for them to go to campus sometimes give a bad impression because their operating hours do not match the route schedules found on bus schedule provider platforms, such as Pulse and Moovit.

"Sometimes the bus is only 4-8 minutes late, but sometimes it can be 20 minutes late or not at all," said Mazaya Ghaizani Afifa (21), a psychology student at UKM who lives outside UKM.

The KL rapid bus has a route that is 30 - 40 minutes away, so bus passengers can adjust their time according to the operating bus schedule and these operating hours can be tracked via Pulse or Moovit.

"I am very grateful to live in an apartment that has a T451 bus stop in front of it, making it easier for me to go to campus and making it more economical for me not to use online taxis, but sometimes the buses don't go on schedule, so that makes me late for class," said Allisya Danira Zahra (21) Business students in UKM who live outside UKM.

Thus, the complaints experienced by these students give the impression of the Rapid KL bus diminishing, it is not uncommon for them to change to rely more on online taxis than the Rapid KL bus.

"I hope the rapid KL bus can fix this shortcoming to reduce the bad impression, especially for students who need buses every day," said Farenayla Aesya (20), an Actuarial student from the Faculty of Science and Technology who also lives outside UKM.

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