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UKM Swifties Uniting Hearts To Advocates SDG 16

By: Nurul Faezah binti Mohd Yaacob

Editor: Hemma Ellangovan

(Source: Shreenam)

BANGI, 1 May - United Nations UKM Club held an event named Lover’s Quest: Trivia Night Uniting Hearts for SDG 16 in Auditorium Siswa, Pusanika, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia from 8:30 p.m to 10:30 p.m.

SDG 16 is one of the 17 global goals that were set by the United Nations to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. SDG 16 emphasizes “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions” and they are targeting in promoting peaceful and inclusive societies, ensuring access to justice for everyone and building effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels.

This event has provided the audience with captivating insights and awareness about SDG but at the same time merging entertainment elements from Taylor Swift which can be a good gateway for the students to entertain themselves from the workload tasks.

Nurin Hidayati Binti Nordin (Faculty of Law), the head of this program, was motivated by Taylor Swift and her diverse social and environmental initiatives. She mentioned “Taylor Swift contributes a lot to us especially in humanity, equality and discrimination. She has shown us a perfect example that has aligned with our theme.”

Nurin stated that this event is her first time experience in leading a team for a program. “Basically, I am not really a swifties but my assistant Mariessa is. So Mariessa pitched an idea: what if we make an event that people rarely do? Something fun but still an SDG program because UNUKM focuses on SDG.”

Mimi Mariessa, second year student from FSSK is an Assistant Deputy of the program and has been a Swifties ever since 2012. “I am the one who gave the ideas to Nurin and insisted on doing this programme because I knew Swifties would go crazy.”

This two hour event is filled with fascinating and engaging activities such as discussions on the importance of equality and the beauty of diversity, do it yourself (DIY) friendship bracelet session, and sing along to Taylor Swift’s songs.

(Source: Shreenam)

“They all give their best and I can see that they had so much fun especially during the sing along. They were singing their hearts out, some of them did grab the mic and sing!” said Mariessa.

(Source: Shreenam)

Nur Aisyah Idalis, first year student from Faculty Science and Technology is one of the participants in this event. “I have been a Swifties for all my life. I started listening to her songs in 2012. I listened to Love Story and that is when I started being her die hard fan.”

Despite being busy with a hectic schedule and assignments, Aisyah still managed to make it to the event. “I feel so happy because this event is very fun and lively. It feels nice to be part of the community with other Swifties who support each other.”

Aisyah also stated that she has been a fan of Taylor Swift not only because of her talent but also because of how Taylor advocates for SGD.

It was known that Taylor Swift has been actively involved in supporting initiatives and organizations dedicated to advancing the goals of SDG 16. She has demonstrated a hands-on approach to making a positive impact in the world by taking part in giving financial support and participating in events and campaigns.

(Source: Shreenam)

All in all, this event was executed smoothly and ended successfully, thanks to Nurin and her teammates. “Seeing the audience reaction after the event, it was so good! Everyone was so excited and happy and they also told me to do this event again next time. So I guess we did it pretty well..” said Mariessa.

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