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UKMI Students Opted to Travel During the Semester Break

Writer: Xu Bingxuan 

Editor: Huang Xinrui 

BANGI, 13 May - Based on the analysis of the questionnaire issued to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia International (UKMI) students, a sample size of 265 people was obtained. Out of these, 198 people chose to travel during the semester break, while 67 people decided not to travel, among those who travelled, they accounted for 75% of the total, while the non-travellers accounted for 25%.

With the semester break approaching, many students have chosen to travel to relieve the pressure of recent studies.

The mid-term break at UKM starts from May 13 to 21, providing a brief period of rest for students, while many students choose to revise their recent studies at home, a large number of students also choose to travel for 3 to 5 days.

(Penang, fridge magnet. Photo by Xu Bingxuan.)

According to the questionnaire analysis, some students have chosen to visit local tourist destinations such as Semporna, Langkawi and Penang, while others have chosen to back to China.

(The data analysis table of the number of students traveling and not traveling is based on the sample survey of 265 UKMI students. )

Hao Zitong, a freshman from UKM, said that “Traveling can not only relieve academic pressure but also broaden horizons and increase knowledge.”

(The entrance arch of the largest Chinese temple in Penang. Photo by Xu Bingxuan.)

"The semester break is one of the few times we can rest. So, let's make good use of it to see the world outside and gain new insights," said Zhao Shengxi, a travelling student from UKM.

However, some people have expressed concerns that these students may miss essential school arrangements due to their travel plans.

In response, "We adjust our study plans before travelling as much as possible to avoid affecting our academic performance. We also complete our assignment in advance to ensure that our travel plans do not interfere with the release of group tasks," said Wang Zhiwei, a travelling student from UKM as well.

"Anyway, I support students' travel plans. They can appreciate the local scenery and experience the local culture while travelling. This can better promote students' understanding of the significance of cross-cultural communication. If they can also make new friends during the trip, it will further improve their social skills," said Dr. Ammar Redza Ahmad Rizal, a senior lecturer from Centre for Research in Media and Communication, UKM.

The semester break provides an opportunity for students to relieve stress, relax, and explore and experience different cultures and scenery

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