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Under Study on Malaysia’s Mask Policy

Writer: Chen Ruoqing

Editor: Nur Dini Huda Huzian

After opening their borders one after another, some Southeast Asian countries began to explore epidemic prevention measures to eliminate the compulsory wearing of masks. Cambodia is expected to follow Singapore's lead and announce the removal of outdoor face masks in the near future, while Malaysia is expected to make an announcement tomorrow.

Singapore was one of the first countries in Southeast Asia to relax regulations on face masks. Since March 29, Singaporeans have been able to choose whether to wear masks outdoors, but the requirement to wear masks indoors remains unchanged.

After Singapore abolished the wearing of masks indoors on August 29, requiring masks only when using health care facilities and public transport, it is being watched whether Malaysia will follow suit.

In response, Malaysia's health director, Tan Sri Noor Hisham said only that the Health ministry is studying on said issue, but did not say when the mask wearing measures will be relaxed again.

When asked by the Daily News today, he said that they are studying on the matter and will make an announcement once the study is successfully completed.

He reportedly made the remarks in response to calls from medical experts and scholars, including the National Recovery Council, for Malaysia to relax its recommendation on wearing masks.

(Picture from Weibo, Tan Sri Noor Hisham announced the policy)

Among them, Tan Sri Muhyiddin, chairman of the National Recovery Council, chaired the meeting of the National Recovery Council on August 29, at a press conference, proposed that Malaysia not make it mandatory to wear masks, but he also said that all this depends on the decision of the Ministry of Health.

After April, Malaysia's Health Minister Carey announced that from now on, Malaysia will no longer be forced to wear masks in indoor places! This means that in indoor public places such as shopping malls, people can no longer wear masks.

"The Ministry of Health has announced that wearing masks indoors will be optional. We leave it up to businesses to decide whether to make wearing masks mandatory." Carey made the announcement at a press conference after attending the General Conference of the International Association of Generics and Biosimilars at the Royale Chulan Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

(Picture from Weibo, Carey announced the policy at Royale Chulan Hotel Kuala Lumpur)

At that time, he pointed out that the first Deputy Minister of Health, Dato’ Noor Azmi presented the latest developments of the new coronavirus outbreak, and he also consulted the latter at the meeting why it is mandatory to wear masks if everything is good, and the Deputy Minister of Health responded that the Ministry of Health needs to explore the matter more carefully, and it cannot be implemented because Singapore has implemented it, because the situation in Malaysia may not be exactly the same. Also, a professor of business administration commented: "In another sense, the liberalization of the mask policy also shows that the troublesome epidemic has been developing in a good direction."

The opening of the mask also indicates the opening of the country, the interviewer, a tourist in Malaysia Chen Huijie said, "At present, New Malaysia and Thailand have been visa-free for China, it is very convenient to travel, including taking children to Southeast Asia parent-child tour has become the first choice of many Chinese tourists, because Malaysia has the most Chinese, the Chinese environment is the broadest, the language is convenient." In addition, Malaysia's society is relatively orthodox, and the burden of traveling with children is relatively small. Thailand s society is more open and more suitable for more mature travelers. And the Thai Embassy has issued a special notice, eating green leaves in Thailand to be caught, equivalent to being caught in the country, the direct penalty may not be serious, but it is not good after being labeled, as for the drinks and water with green leaves in the convenience store, don't try, if accidentally ingest don't worry too much, generally does not contain THC substances, Even in very low amounts it will be metabolized quickly, but don't try it again.”

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