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Promoting Cultural Exchange: Yaji Cultural Salon Brews Harmony in Kuala Lumpur

Updated: Jun 4

Written by: YU YUHANG


Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China and hosted by the China Association for International Cultural Exchange, the Chinese Cultural Center in Kuala Lumpur, and the Malaysian Buddhist Cultural Federation, the "Tea and the World" gathering event was successfully held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

(Photo by:Yu Yuhang)

The "Tea and the World" event in Kuala Lumpur is a global event specially held to celebrate the successful application of ‘Chinese Traditional Tea Making Techniques and Related Customs’ as a World Heritage ,aligning with the ‘International Tea Day’ on May 21.

The "Tea and the World" event features both offline and online components. Offline activities include the perspectives of tea culture, tea people, tea merchants, and tea products, the "Tea Knowledge" experience day and "Zen and Tea" that was held at the Chinese Cultural Center in Kuala Lumpur and local shopping malls. " series of activities. Moreover, the "Chinese Tea Culture" exhibition resources was held online on the official website of the cultural center, with the usage of tea as a medium to promote tea culture in Malaysia, it strengthen friendly dialogue among civilizations, and promote exchanges and mutual learning between culture.

Tea, as the representatives of traditional Chinese culture, carries profound historical and cultural heritage. The success of the "Tea and the World" Elegant Gathering series of events in Kuala Lumpur has allowed more Malaysian people to experience tea culture.

"Tea and the World" yaji- Tea Knowledge and Experience Day

As the first in a series of activities, the Chinese Cultural Center in Kuala Lumpur first held the "Tea and the World" Elegant Collection - an experience day for understanding tea in the center on May 10. The center invited tea masters to provide participants with tea ceremony demonstrations, hands-on tea ceremony experiences, and tea culture sharing. the "elegant gathering" of ancient literati and elegant scholars to smell the fragrance and drink tea, enhance the students' artistic accomplishment and cultivate their noble sentiments.

This tea ceremony experience day attracted many Malaysian college students to participate. In addition to learning how to identify different types of tea, they also learned step by step how to clean hands, prepare tea utensils, invite tea, serve tea, smell the aroma, and taste the tea under the guidance of the tea master, covering dozens tea art steps.

When interviewed, Ms. Li, a student who participated in the event, said, “Through this tea-knowledge experience day, I realized that tea ceremony is not just about brewing, steeping, and drinking. Tea ceremony culture is also a kind of Chinese etiquette culture, which embodies the importance of tea ceremony. Respect for people and nature.”

The participating students also actively expressed their insights and experiences while drinking tea, exchanged their "after-tea feelings" with each other, and showed a strong interest and love for tea culture.

(Photo by:Yu Yuhang)

"Tea and the World" yaji- Zen and Tea Series Events

The second event of "Tea and the World"·Elegant Collection is a series of Zen and Tea activities organized by the Chinese Cultural Center in Kuala Lumpur and the Malaysian Buddhist Cultural Federation. This event was held at KL Gateway Mall from May 12 to 14 in conjunction with the Buddhist Wesak Day charity bazaar, and attracted nearly 10,000 people in just three days. This event aimed to popularize traditional Chinese tea culture to the public through tea culture display, tea ceremony activities, traditional folk experience and other forms, enabling people to appreciate the essence of "drinking tea," an art cherished by both refined and popular audiences.

In the "Tea and the World" exhibition area, the attendes viewed the "Hometown of Tea", "Fragrance Spreads Thousands of Miles", "Cultural Road" and other tea culture themed displays through a combination of pictures and videos, and felt the profoundness of Chinese tea culture. foundation. The exquisite and elegant tea art props in the exhibition area and the fragrance of tea floating in the air attracted people to stop and follow the fragrance of tea. Additionally, in the tea ceremony experience area, there are professional tea masters explained the historical origins and essence of tea ceremony culture to the public, and demonstrated tea making techniques, so that the public can have a deeper understanding of the rich connotation and profound significance of tea ceremony culture.

In the tea culture and tea product display of this "Tea and the World" yaji- Zen and Tea event, the center exhibited various types of tea such as Keemun black tea, Pu'er tea, Shoumei white tea, etc., Additionally, in collaboration with the Wesak Day Charity Saleand all proceeds were given to the Malaysian Buddhist Cultural Association as charity.

This event also received support and attention from people from all walks of life. People came to experience tea culture in an endless stream, including nearly 10,000 local people, Buddhist believers and friends from all over the world. They gathered to socialize over tea, savoring the aroma and experiencing the tranquility it brought to their surroundings.

Mr. Wang, an interviewee, said: “By chance, I found such a quiet and elegant corner filled with the fragrance of tea in the noisy market. After stopping to taste a cup of carefully brewed Keemun black tea, I felt even more tired. Sweeping it all away. During the conversation with the tea master, I also learned a lot about the tea ceremony culture that I had never been exposed to. As a Buddhist, I also deeply felt the harmony between tea culture and Buddhism. ”

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