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USM CONVEX-61 Shatters Records with RM1.2 Million Sponsorship Achievement

Writer: Deepalakshmi a/p Manickam

Editor: Nur Fathin Athirah binti Nor Azman

Source: Instagram @bhepausm

GELUGOR, 21 Nov - The Secretariat of the 61st USM Convocation Expo (CONVEX), taking place from November 21 to 27, has set a new sponsorship record amounting to RM1.2 million, marking it as a significant achievement for the team.

USM's Pro-Chancellor, Tan Sri Dato' Dr. M. Jegathesan, expressed pride in witnessing the hard work of USM students in launching the Convocation Expo 2023.

"I am informed that the CONVEX Secretariat team this year was willing to forgo their semester break, sacrificing time, money, and energy to create an outstanding program at USM. It is such cooperation and spirit that will create an excellent image in every USM student," he stated during the CONVEX-61 inauguration.

In a recent interview, David Goi Se Fong, the Head of the Sponsorship Department for CONVEX-61, shared insights into the extensive efforts invested in securing sponsorships for the event.

“Our team dedicated six months of meticulous planning and followed it up with an intense three-month approach to potential sponsors,” said David.

When asked about the composition of sponsorships, David mentioned that while some sponsors are consistent supporters every year, the mix of sponsors tends to vary annually. Each year brings new opportunities and challenges in securing support from sponsors.

This triumph is a testament to the unwavering support from a distinguished lineup of sponsors. StarCraft Venture Plt, a Gold sponsor, has played a pivotal role at the forefront. Silver sponsors, Printlifez Advertising Sdn. Bhd. and Dr Insured Advisory, contribute significantly to the event's success. A constellation of Bronze sponsors, including Persona Craft House, Spices & Seasonings Specialities Sdn. Bhd., Koperasi Co-opbank Pertama, Bonia Corporation Berhad, Majestic Amigo Sdn Bhd, Mr. Churros, and Kaxprint, enriches the sponsorship landscape with diversity.

David highlighted the demanding yet rewarding experience of leading the Sponsorship Department. “The journey involved overcoming communication hurdles and occasional disagreements within the team. However, the team's resilience prevailed, sticking together to achieve the common goal of maximizing sponsorships. Rejections, although challenging, were an integral part of the process.”

The record-breaking sponsorship of RM1.2 million sets a remarkable milestone for the event. The Secretariat of CONVEX and the Sponsorship Department's efforts not only secured vital financial support but also showcased the power of teamwork and determination in making CONVEX-61 a resounding success.

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