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Visit the Birth of "China Market"

Writer: Wang Yahui

Editor: Liu Tao

The “China Market” is a small supermarket located in the Savanna neighbourhood that serves mainly Chinese people, and visitors will be attracted by the wide range of products as soon as they enter the door, and the familiar Chinese language will immediately pull the thoughts of Chinese students back to their home country.

This supermarket mainly sells Chinese imported goods, including food, beverages, seasonings and daily necessities.

The supermarket's sales model is like a common supermarket, but it also has some special features. For example, it offers many kinds of Chinese teas and beverages, which may be difficult to find in other supermarkets in Malaysia. In addition, the supermarket also offers some Chinese specialities such as moon cakes and soy sauce, which attracts many Chinese and Malaysians who like Chinese food to visit and purchase.

(China Market in Southville.Photo by Wang Yahui)

The staff working in this supermarket are mainly from China and their duties include shelf management, cashiering, customer service, etc. Fluent communication skills in Chinese are also required to communicate with customers and suppliers.

During the interview, the employee of the supermarket Ma Zilin told us, "The customers of the supermarket are mainly divided into two categories: Chinese people, who come from different regions, some are international students, and some are Chinese immigrants; and Malaysians, who like Chinese goods and culture. The most common goods they buy include Chinese snacks, tea, spices and so on."

(China Market in Southville.Photo by Wang Yahui)

The owner of the "China Market", Chen Chusheng told us the origin of the market, Mr. Chen said: "I always wanted to open a unique supermarket. As a Chinese, I know very well that Chinese students will miss the food and drinks from their hometown. Therefore, I chose to open a Chinese supermarket to let Chinese students taste their hometown snacks during their lonely study journey, not only to relieve the longing of Chinese students but also to let foreign friends taste the unique flavour of China. The China Market is the concept that I have always dreamed of."

The supermarket's advantage is that it offers many Chinese speciality items that appeal to a specific group of customers. In addition, the prices of Chinese supermarkets are more competitive than those of other supermarkets. But Chinese supermarkets also face some challenges, such as difficulties in logistics and supply chain management, as well as trade policies and regulatory requirements of different countries.

During the interview, Chen Chusheng revealed many interesting details. For example, we can choose and decide on the products and materials of the supermarket. If there are some products that many people want, Mr. Chen will find a way to help us get them and try to meet our requirements, which is very humane. And the payment method can also choose WeChat payment, which is familiar to the Chinese, and is very convenient.

When asked about the most popular goods, Chen ChuSheng said with a smile, "In fact, our customers have a strong curiosity about what goods; basically, the goods just hit the shelves not long ago, will be the customers all buy out. Of course, the most repurchased or spicy strips, basically less than a day to be snapped up."

In addition, the service of the supermarket is also highly praised. The staff is friendly and attentive, making customers feel at home and comfortable while shopping. And the supermarket has also introduced a membership system and special offers, allowing customers to enjoy more benefits and gifts while spending money. At the same time, for the long-term development of Chinese supermarket, it is also necessary for Chinese supermarkets to pay more attention to localization services and provide more products that suit the taste of Malaysian customers to meet the market demand.

All in all, the birth of this supermarket has been warmly welcomed by the local Chinese students. It not only relieves the homesickness of Chinese students but also contributes positively to the promotion of Chinese specialities, which is believed to become a bright scenery of the Savanna Executive Suites.

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