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Volunteers from UKM are Taking Action to Protect Animal Welfare

Writer: Wang Qiyue

Editor: Lin Ge

Ampang Selangor, 29 April - 44 volunteers from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) arrived at the Zoo Negara Malaysia to carry out a meaningful volunteer activity on April 29.

During the activity, these UKM volunteers engaged in various tasks, working alongside the zoo staff in animal care and cleaning. They provided abundant food and water for the animals, ensuring their health and welfare, which enhanced the efficiency of the zoo's operations.

(Volunteers are cleaning the road, Photo by Peng Siwei)

The volunteer activity was organized by the Welfare & Community Service Unit of UKM, as stated by Hia Yun Chian, the project deputy secretary.

"During the preparation phase of the activity, our organization coordinated with Zoo Negara Malaysia to determine the scope of the volunteer activity and discuss crucial details to keep in mind during the activity,” Hia said.

Regarding the purpose of this activity, Hia believed that the main goal is to provide UKM students with a volunteering experience through offline means. "Through this volunteer service, students can also learn about animal conservation-related knowledge and contribute to the protection of animals. It embodies the purpose of our organization's social service," Hia added.

In addition to local UKM volunteers, many international students also participated in this activity.

"During this activity, as volunteers, we needed to put in a lot of physical and mental effort to clean and maintain the animals' habitats. By the way, we also need to feed the deer in the park together. This experience made me understand the importance of protecting animal welfare and allowed me to appreciate the hard work of zoo staff in their daily work. To be honest, this is an experience I have never had before," Peng Siwei, an international student majoring in Media Communication, shared her experience in this volunteer activity.

(Volunteers are feeding the deer, Photo by Peng Siwei)

Peng believed that participating in this volunteer activity also allowed her to better communicate and cooperate with local students, helping her to better integrate into the community.

"We are very excited that international students can actively participate in this activity because the purpose of the volunteer activity itself is to attract more people to actively give back to society through actions so that we can keep spreading love to others." Hia expressed her gratitude to international students for their participation in this activity.

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