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What It's Like to Start Offline Classes for Students from FEP at UKM

Writer: Lin Ge

Editor: Wang Qiyue

BANGI, 8 May - With the beginning of a new week, the students of the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEP) at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) officially start their offline classes, embarking on a new phase of learning.

(Faculty of Economics and Management,UKM. Photo from Yan Qiuyi)

In 2021 and the first half of 2022, during the height of the pandemic, the mode of the course was online courses, and students could only listen to and interact with the lecturers through screens, rather than sitting face-to-face in a classroom, which became a problem and a regret for many students.

In October 2022, many faculties needed to start offline classes, but FEP was unable to start as scheduled due to an overwhelming number of students with visa issues, so the opening of the offline classes has been delayed until now, resulting in the first batch international students of FEP graduating after two and a half years of online classes.

( The professor is giving the lecture. Photo by Zhao Yongcheng)

After the first offline classes, Zhao Yongcheng (19), an international student from FEP, said: “Before the offline classes started, I was quite nervous. I was afraid that I would not understand what the lecturer was saying. But when I attended the class, I changed my mind. When we had questions, the lecturer was patient and explained everything clearly. My classmates were also very friendly and we got along very well.”

"Firstly, I think offline classes are more informative than online classes and I will pay more attention to them. Secondly, offline classes add a sense of excitement, remind me of high school, and push me to progress in my studies. Last but not least, offline classes are more communicative and interactive, so we can improve our English speaking and communication skills at the same time as we learn," said Ding Zifeng (21), an international student who is about to start offline classes at FEP.

Sun Yanan (21), who is majoring in Business Administration, said, “It was relatively easy to listen to the teacher because I had taken online classes last semester and had a good grounding in offline classes. Although a large proportion of her classmates were local students, we got along well.”

"I am a relatively introverted person and was not very willing to communicate with people before, but after being guided by the teacher in class, I started to communicate and cooperate with my classmates. I was able to understand almost everything that was taught, and I enjoyed the offline classroom atmosphere,” said Liang Jiaxuan, expressed her praise for her first offline classes at FEP.

The start of offline classes is certainly a new experience for all FEP students and the beginning of a new phase of learning.

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