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Yunnan Flowers Eating Season Attracts Tourist

Updated: May 24



(Photo by WuXiaoJiao)

KUN MING, 12 Apr - Spring in Yunnan is not only a season for the recovery of plants, but also a culinary feast. As the temperature warms up, valleys and fields across Yunnan bloom with gorgeous seas of flowers, and various wild flowers compete to bloom, which also marks the arrival of the annual "eating flower season". It is understood that Yunnan's "eating flower season" began in ancient times. Local residents discovered that many wild flowers in the mountains and fields are not only beautiful, but also rich in nutritional and medicinal value, so they began to process them into various delicacies. Today, "the eating flower season" has become a significant cultural activity in Yunnan in spring.

(Photo by WuXiaoJiao)

In this season, restaurants and snack vendors from all over the country will launch a variety of delicacies with wild flowers as the main ingredients, attracting many tourists to taste. Among them, flower rolls, flower cakes, flower dumplings, etc. made from roses, jasmine flowers, fennel flowers, etc. have become the most popular specialties.

"I flew to Yunnan from Beijing specifically to experience Yunnan's eating flower season." Mr. Zhang, a tourist from Beijing, told us. He said: "I heard that Yunnan's wild flower delicacies are very special, and I want to taste them myself."

(Photo by WuXiaoJiao)

During the interview, we also met a local resident named Qu Xiaoru, who introduced us to the local tradition of eating flowers. Qu Xiaoru said: “Eating flowers is a big tradition here. Every spring, when wild flowers bloom, we will process them into various delicious foods.”

In addition to food, tourists can also participate in flower picking activities and experience the charm of wild flowers in person. Many local farmers have also carried out special activities such as flower sea mazes and herbal tea experiences, allowing tourists to experience the wonders and magic of nature while tasting food.

(Photo by WuXiaoJiao)

The flower-eating season not only attracts domestic and foreign tourists, but also becomes a festival for local residents to gather together and share delicious food and beautiful scenery. The Yunnan flower-eating season is not only a feast of food, but also a feast of nature, allowing people to enjoy the good times in spring.

The Yunnan flower-eating season attracts more and more tourists to experience its unique scenery, food and culture, injecting new vitality into Yunnan's tourism industry. This is not only a feast of food, but also a love and gratitude for nature and life.

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