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Zoo Negara Looks to Extend the Contract with Chinese Panda

Writer:Yin Heng

Editor:Li Yanze

Kuala Lumpur, 23 April - In an interview on 15 April, the Vice President of the Zoo Negara Rosly Rahmat Ahmat Lanas said that the lease for pandas “Xing Xing” and “Liang Liang” was about to expire, but that the Zoo Negara was interested in renewing it, the final outcome of which would be decided by the government.

(Photographed at the Zoo Negara, by Yin Heng)

The pandas have been well cared for during their stay at the zoo, Zoo Negara has put a lot of effort into providing a better living environment for pandas, as noted by Chew Jovin, a staff member at the zoo. The keepers monitor their health by taking their blood pressure and checking their teeth and nails every morning, and preparing their food with care.

Visitors to the zoo, like Azrina Binti Yskob, have also expressed their love for the pandas, "I really like the pandas! They are so cute! I hope they can stay in Malaysia. I hope to visit China in the future to see more pandas." Leasing pandas can be described as a manifestation of friendship between the two countries, facilitating cultural exchange between the two peoples and promoting good relations and cooperation between China and Malaysia.

(Zoo Negara staff member Chew Jovin, photo by Chew Jovin)

Another visitor Asya Mustafa said: "I queued three times to see the panda, but I think it was worth it! I looked up a lot of information and found out that the panda is a very precious species and humans really need to take good care of it." The panda is a symbol of environmental protection in and of itself because it is a rare and endangered species. Leasing pandas can raise awareness of environmental protection and biodiversity, awaken people's concern for the ecological environment and make them aware of the dangers of human intervention and destruction to the natural environment and biological species.

(Photographed at the Zoo Negara, by Yin Heng)

Pandas have also become an important resource and opportunity for the local tourism industry, with giant pandas attracting more visitors to the Zoo Negara. Statistics show that from January to April 2023, Zoo Negara received over 100,000 visitors, which has been a major boost to tourism.

The lease of “Xing Xing” and “Liang Liang” represents the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China. Panda diplomacy has become an important means of exchange between countries at this stage. The friendly relations between the two countries will remain stable regardless of whether the loan deal is to be extended.

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